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♥ The Perfect Fit ♥

The Portrait of Four Sisters

I think it’s true, the eldest rules the house. She’s the bossy type, most responsible and knowledgeable. The second to the eldest is the ‘masungit’ or moody. She’s the skillful and ultimate go-to-person. And the third child who’s been the youngest for so long is usually the frenemy or friend-enemy of the youngest. She’s the ‘maarte‘ or most fashionable, stylish and ambitious in nature. The youngest is the luckiest of all not only because she’s a mixture of all but highly because she’s got the best sisters one can ever hope for, a triple treat! It’s an unquestionable fact too that, the youngest are the sweetest lads.   🙂


I am blessed with three (3) beautiful, intelligent and kind sisters. I am the youngest, with a seven year gap to the third daughter. Being the ‘bunso‘ or the youngest has been both tough and fun for me. Fun because I was mom’s favorite until my wedding day  ( at least ) and I was able to get away with the financially-challenged times our family had to go through and tough because I needed to live up to all of their expectations and achievements and being at the brink of losing my self-identity – always. Yes, my sisters are such great achievers with their respective fields.  There were years when I was really pressured, intimidated and all. I even regretted taking up my course which is similar to my 2nd sister’s but that’s all history now.  I grew up looking up to them, inspired and supported by them. I can get so sentimental and sky-rocket proud when I talk or even think of what or rather who they have become after all these years.


The best part is the happiness that comes with the fact that my sisters and I are closer than ever. Next to our mom, we’re the ones who know each other’s troubles { without having to speak so much word }. We are also the first to listen and sometimes help one another. Please note though, that we’re not the mushy type of sisters you might be imagining  just right now. We’re just bunch of females who can sit and talk with each other about life in general, (jokes, views, stories or situations) during lazy afternoons, in a closed room , road-trips, picnics or at dining table. We know and accept each other’s flaws. I don’t miss having a brother or ‘kuya’ since I know I will have them all my life. They can protect, provide and fight for the family. They can pretty much stand up for something like a MAN does, a real man. There’s hardly anything to look for children.


Lately, I’ve appreciated my parents all the more for yet another reason. It’s not about because they gave me wonderful and dependable three sisters. I’ve been grateful for that almost all my life. The yet another reason why I am thankful for my parents is because they serve as a strong binding force which holds our family together all these time. Now that I’m a grownup, I am more than cheerful to enthusiastically experience further that binding power my parents bring between all of us. Now more than ever, I really feel that blood is thicker than anything else and the fact that we all came from one umbilical cord (my mom’s) suddenly made sense and significance. For that, I’m grateful to Heavens, to God who gave me my family or for giving me to my family. We’re God-created so it just follows, we’re the perfect fit.


All Positivity,

Happy Monday!


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