Random & Personal

♥ Imaginary Friend ♥

Was there ever a time in your life that you talk to an imaginary friend? What? Sounds crazy right? But, for me, not really.


In times of lonesomeness, I close myself to the world and I shut the universe out. Then, I cry and submit myself to other emotions natural to humans. All by myself, tired from hearing my own stories and worries, drowned by my own tears, with a weary mind, dampen spirit, frail soul, diminished faith and busted heart, that’s when and how I met my Imaginary Friend. [How perfect the timing is!]


Ever since then, my Imaginary Friend never fails to meet me and come to my assistance in times of darkness in life. With passing of time, I realized that my Imaginary Friend does not only accompany me on my sad solitary moments but on an every day, every minute basis. From awkward and humiliating experiences, scary and nerve-racking instances up to cloud-nine happiness and blissful hours, my Imaginary Friend is always with me.


In view of all these, I’d like to apologize to my Imaginary Friend for appreciating Him more only on troubled days and for almost always forgetting to express my sincere gratitude. I may have failed to thank You enough but I hope that for giving You a name and revealing Your identity in this simple post would somehow cover all those times that I’ve taken You for granted, my dear Imaginary Friend, my light, my Lord, my God, The Highness, The Holiness, The Almighty.


You were never just an imagination. You are REAL. You are TRUE. You are ALIVE. For that, I will forever yearn for You and I will forever strive hard to be worthy of a friendship or a relationship even, with You.


Again, thank You.


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