♥ Unsecured Security ♥


from the movie “MALL COP”

This is in relation to the recent shooting and suicide incident at a very popular mall in Pampanga. News has it that the crime (of passion) occurred due to jealousy of the suspect (a teenage gay) to his partner/lover who’s allegedly leaving the country for an opportunity abroad. After he had shot the young boy, he committed suicide.


The first issue was why is there a GUN inside the mall? How on hell did it get away from the guards and the mall’s security system?! When it comes to this issue, I’m one with everybody else for condemning the Mall Security or Mall Security System. That mall was supposed to be a safe place, a family-oriented place. Even if mall prices tend to be higher, many still prefer them, for the convenience, coolness and safety. But I guess, it’s no longer safe then, just like with banks. Now, what would be the difference between street shopping (Divisoria, Quiapo and Avenida) and mall-shopping, huh?

Dear Malls,

     Will you please USE for heaven’s sake your metal detectors properly?

                                                                                                                                     From Consumers


Moving on, another issue surfaced after several days, when an amateur vid somehow proved that the suspect and the victim or one of them was still breathing life after the shooting. (They allegedly moved. I didn’t know much the details nor have I seen the video, please help me here.)


Many criticized the security guards who seemed not to know what to do, shocked maybe or simply afraid. For them, the guards should have rescued the boys themselves. Many believed that they should have helped the two boys who were lying on the floor. Still, many insisted that the Mall should have had an ambulance or paramedics ready for such incidents.


True, it was a shocking and frightful episode to happen inside a Mall. So for me, the Security Guards to react exactly how everybody else’s reacted is a big NO-NO. However, should they move the bodies or not is a different story. First, if they’re not sure how to move the injured bodies then they should not. Second, it’s already a crime scene; it must be preserved by all means until the arrival of SOCO or proper police force. Third, maybe the “Mall-in-North-Edsa shooting incident” is still fresh from the Security Guards’ memories wherein one of their colleagues was shot-dead by the suspect who was attempting suicide also after shooting a lover. Thinking about it together with all the hurtful facts of reality, I know that I cannot depend so much on Security Guards. We cannot expect them to put their lives in the line of duty or for our sakes. Just like what the saying says: You cannot give what you do not have. Sadly for us, Guards cannot give the security we need or deserve because they themselves are not secured with their minimum daily wage, lack of health benefits, lack of life insurance, lack of hazard pay, lack of security of tenure, and lack of training and WITH loads of agency cuts. Any sane guard would think not just twice if he really wants or needs to be a hero especially for some people who kills other people if not themselves.


On the topic that Malls should have paramedics, yes they should have and it should be a requirement for their permits. So tell me, who regulates their permits? On the other hand, for the ambulance issue, I’m quite uncertain. Before malls, I think hospitals should have ambulances first, barangays follow and then construction sites. I am no big fan of super malls. I am no loyal too, so I’m saying these stuff with no bias at all. I have faith in them though, from the time they banned non-sense sexy flicks up to this day that they keep on trying to be as family-oriented as possible and as convenience as ever (hello paying bills!). I know that in a way they’ve already learned a lesson or two and they need not to be told what to do next. They know exactly what to do with their properties and systems; I’m just not sure whether the taken-for-granted Security Guards are part of it. I doubt. I just hope they keep their jobs.


PS: I know some security guards who earn P3,000.00++ of wages for a 14-day period and that’s it, no other benefits. Worse part is that they always get paid after one to two months, sometimes three and never early!

This post is just to breath out one’s personal opinion about some things going around. In no way, that it has the slightest intention to offend or degrade anyone.


Live a happy life. Somehow, it’s a key to being safe.


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