♥ Adding More Meaning { Part I } ♥

Hey, hey, hey! HOHO! HO! It’s Christmassy everywhere! 🙂 This is my favorite month is just 22 days away time of the year since everyone’s in a good mood and in shopping mode no matter how simple the budget may be. But as always, my gift list is still far from completion. Now I’m pressured!


Yeah right, I can always go to the nearest malls and grab just about any item that falls on my predetermined price range except that I want to give a more meaningful gift this year. Something really useful, and for that reason I’m considering for the first time of giving things which are consumable like essential oils and mineral products to my GFs and sisters and massage oils for my uncles and aunts. As for my countless nieces, nephews and godchildren, well it’s still TOYS plus some moolah this year.


Aside from deciding to give gifts which they can actually use, I’ve been busy as bee this whole long weekend scouting the ‘NET’ for some shopping – FOR A CAUSE. I so like the idea of buying stuff from various non-profit organizations which help an advocacy, a community or a group.


If I may just say this: I remember that as a kiddo I would always wish to buy UNICEF Holiday Season greeting cards, those which were hand-made or hand-painted by orphans. Unfortunately, I have no extra penny back then! Also, as a youngster I welcomed and admired even the idea of buying crafts made by elders or those made by in-mates of a penitentiary. For me, it’s just too fulfilling and meaningful and definitely worth the money. You give them financial aid in a way. More importantly, you give them hope by valuing their talents, their products and them as persons. You let them know that you believe in them and in what they are doing. You help them help themselves and believe in their capabilities. I tell you, it’s one helluv wonderful feeling, that you were part of something as big as confidence, character and life-building.  Plus I got good stuff and good vibes! 🙂 WIN-WIN strategy!


So back to my quest, I found only few of this kind as of today but no worries for I am determined to actually learn discover more and more.

For Christmas Cards to other Novelty Items while supporting TWH

By Tahanang Walang Hagdan

Crafts-For-A-Cause as a support for the livelihood programs of various organization

By Kultura Filipino

Support  Nature and find Beauty and Health in Organics

Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm

Showing some loving through beautiful Greeting Cards and Caring for Children

For food lovers out there, a Benefit Lunch, Helping others can be this FUN!

For more shopping-for-a-cause, visit Children’s Hour official website.

You can also directly donate, if you wish to.

For some fashion, check this out! For a celebrity stature… while supporting UN World Food Programme (Jollie and Kris A.)

KC’s Closet on Ebay


Isn’t it nice to shop while helping others out!? And you get to help not just an individual with a short-term kind of help but a whole organization which focuses on long-term goals! Know what? This “shopping for a cause” especially this Christmas season is a way, my way of adding more meaning to this much awaited, highly celebrated and very festive occasion – the Birth of Jesus! 🙂 What a way to share our blessings! It’s like this: I cannot do away the shopping habits so why not put a little more heart and soul in it and sprinkle it  generously with a noble purpose. How about you? Any suggestion for a more meaningful Christmas this year? Share them up!


Excess: Before HIS birthday, it’ll be my birthday first (first week of December) and can you guess what will be my present to myself? Or you’d like to suggest perhaps? Send them in! I’ll be happy to read them.




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