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♥ TITANIC After A Century ♥

“Titanic was called the ship of dreams and it was, it really was.” I am deeply, madly and head-over-heels in love with the TITANIC that I even considered taking up any Marine course just to have the opportunity to go down in a submarine and see the wreck of this ship. It’s really a ship of dreams eh!?


I’m a fan, BIG FAN of TITANIC way before the rise and fame of Jack and Rose. I’ve watched two older film versions of the Titanic tragedy, including the Zeta-Jones-Gallagher starrer. However, it’s only after the release of James Cameron’s masterpiece in 1997, that I became more interested and fascinated by its story and history. I researched libraries after libraries and encyclopedia after encyclopedia. I used to watch the VHS version of the movie Titanic everyday and that is without any exaggeration, to the point of memorizing the whole script, dreaming that someday there’ll be a ‘script-contest’ for the movie. Ack! Nowadays, with the bang of the ‘www-dot-era’, I download every possible downloadable which relates to Titanic. I also scout every BookSale I know just to find books and gratefully, they haven’t failed me. I now have several collection of Titanic books up to this date, both fiction and non-fiction, hard-bound and paperback.


Just to show how staple Titanic is in my persona, the following are the links of my previous entries which relate to my most-loved ship!

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All these drama and reminiscing is because of this, the commemoration of TITANIC’s 100th year:

Re-release of J.Cameron’s TITANIC in 3D Cinemas, April 2012


I am now booking my husband and friends for a movie date, a MONTH-LONG movie date. Seriously, I intend to watch the movie in 3D cinemas AT LEAST every week. J And again, I’m dead-serious about it. I’m that crazy, stupid and OA when it comes to her!

And look at my new baby,

The Titanic Conspiracy - A Deeper and Closer Look at the 1912 Tragedy

Awesomeness, this book brings me back to my reading mojo!

Are you also fond of Titanic? Are you as excited as I am? It’s a nice feeling to look forward to something in the coming year, don’t you think so too?


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