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♥ Shoes for the Good Congressman ♥

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If you want to know more about Epifanio Delos Santos of EDSA, click here! 🙂

Understanding Cong. Relampagos:

One. Maybe he’s just a FAN of C. Aquino just as I am a FAN of Spongebob.

Two. Perhaps, he’s good into multi-tasking that he was able to squeeze into his very busy schedule the EDSA-turn-to-CORY resolution.

Three. He hates or simply not fond or not familiar with Don Epifanio Delos Santos.

Four.  He just sponsored it in Congress for other people or group.

Five.  Really, I have run out of decent excuses!


My take on the issue: A big and shining NO or a plain and simple NO.


One. EDSA has been an important part of Philippine history, culture and what have you.

Two. C.Aquino may be famous nowadays but I’m sure Epifanio Delos Santos had his share of fame too during his time.

Three. There are so many ways to give credit to Mrs. Aquino, the FORMER PRESIDENT.

Four. There are so many streets or avenues that need names. Why not name MRT or LRT Cory Aquino LRT/MRT (MRT is along EDSA too you know)? Why not re-name Aguinaldo Blvd., since there’s already Aguinaldo Highway. Perhaps, another international airport or the Hacienda Luisita?

Five.  There are so many roads or highways to build.

Six. Seriously, it’ll just stir up confusions. How many of us still use “Emerald Avenue” in Ortigas Center? It has already been re-named to F.Ortigas Jr ? So what’s the purpose really other than giving credit to the former President.

Seven. If I have a malicious mind I’ll say that the good Congressman just wants to be “very pleasing” to Administration (nagpapalakas, sumisipsip).


So, please leave Mr. Epifanio Delos Santos alone! Lest you want historians or Pinoys to challenge again if Cory was indeed in EDSA during the first People Power.

One last point, Don Panyo (Epifanio Delos Santos) still has surviving and living relatives. If you were one of them, how would you take a disgrace and cold treatment to your beloved and once honored ancestor such as this? Cong. Relampagos should consider putting his feet in their shoes.


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