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♥ Adding More Meaning Part 2 ♥

It’s all set and I couldn’t be any happier on my birth-month and on this Christmas season! Back in year 2008, I was able to join an outreach program for a remote barangay (town) in the province of Bulacan. We fed, gave gifts and prepared a Christmas party for young children but this coming Friday we’re gonna make some elders of Hospicio de San Jose have a dose of merry Christmas!


Let’s take a peek at our preparations, shall we?

Gift Pack (milk, oats, wafer, shirt/shawl, towel)


Yours truly in action. 🙂


My colleagues/friends in action too.


The finished products rseting on our tree! Now... we're ready!


This is a dream come true. And I would have to thank my Accounting family for the realization of this dream of mine. Christmas season is truly the busiest part of the year, not to mention tiresome and stressful. But with activities as meaningful and as fulfilling such as this one, every sweat and penny is worth it and Christmas season is indeed one noble and happy season.


P.S. To etch some smile to the 30 elders residing at Hospicio de San Jose along Ayala Bridge in Manila, we nearly spent Php 18,000.00 all in all. Next post will show you the actual outreach program. 🙂

Let’s continue to add more meaning to the now commercialized Christmas, shall we?



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