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♥ Christmas Wishes with Full Gratitude CY 2011 ♥

I did not grow up with wish lists or Santa Claus. All I remember during my childhood days is a tiny and almost bald green Christmas tree with small balls and bells hanging, a small star, defective lights and some garland. It did not have lots of gifts too. There was this Christmas when my sister and I bought gifts for each member of the family in a nearby gift shop/pharmacy. Six gifts for all the six of us and they were just the minutest and simplest stuff really, like powder puff sponge, towelettes and picture frames (I got the pulbunera or power puff sponge!). We also had a Christmas when I was the only member of the family who got a gift which was a ‘crying doll’. Boy, it was expensive at Php 300.00! I knew because I was with my mom when we bought it. Then they just wrapped it for Christmas. Those were the days when the Spirit of Christmas was truly felt in our/my hearts that despite the lack of money and other material things we felt the comfort of our wooden, one-roomed home and the security and love from our jobless parents.

This is similar to ours during the good old days. 🙂


Fast forward to this day, I still love Christmas, however, due to changing times, cruelties of the world, cynic people and many other complexities of life, the TRUE SPIRIT of Christmas seems to be hidden. So, came December, I knew I had a quest this season and that is to search, feel and spread the TRUE SPIRIT of Christmas, the kind which I used to feel and experience as a little child.

When my birthday came, sometime in the first week of December, all I wanted to do was an outreach activity, if only I were richer. Since I could not afford a full-blown outreach activity, I settled myself in giving donations to some charities. (I did it online!) But, luck is really on me, my colleagues in the office decided to hold our mini Christmas Party at Hospicio de San Jose to give joy to the 20+ resident elderly. Thus, I thought that instead of writing about my wish list for this Christmas, I might as well list my Christmas wishes that already came true! As a way of declaring my glorious gratitude to Heavens and to serve as a living testimony that WISHES DO COME TRUE.

1.)    An outreach activity.

This is by far my most fulfilling experience. I really wish to do this more often. *crossing fingers* It has been my long-time dream but now I’m finally doing it.

With the elderly of Hospicio de San Jose & colleagues/volunteers.

2.)    A Christmas greeting card from my World Vision family.

This is my most favorite card e.v.e.r! Why? Because with this card, I know that I’m making a difference to someone else’s life. It has been my goal for so many years. In fact, it’s part of my bucket list/hit-list. Now, I’m finally one proud sponsor and ambassadress in my own humble ways. My only prayers are that I could sustain it and sponsor more children in the future. Kudos to all sponsors out there and to the World Vision Philippines.

Greeting Card from my Sponsored Child through WV-Phi

3.)    A celebration of womanhood.

Call me a late-bloomer and I won’t argue. 🙂 I really am, so my definition of a celebration of womanhood consists of perfumes, jewelries, make-ups, lipstick,  dresses, and shoe craze and more flip-flops. Do I need to spell more?

Lipsticks from Mader. Not shown in Photo: Mac 4-color blusher & 14-color eyeshadow
My latest loves. FYI: I endured for 8 hours and rocked the dance floor w/ ‘lacey nights’!
My newest scents from Bench

I have Burberry, Jovan and Diesel (my favorite) sitting in my drawer. I also have used Cool Water, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden and another favorite which is not available here, So Sinful. But I’m not a perfume-lady. Sometimes, I feel so not me when I’m wearing a perfume no matter how natural it may smell. That’s why recently I’ve been using essential oils for everyday use and my favorites are Sandalwood, Lavander, and Jasmine.

I’ve lost so many gold jewelries this year. So I’m taking a rest with real golds. Here’s a good alternative!
I have been wearing dresses lately, yes.
Bought them in Sale and in my favorite hues.

4.)    Books for my soon library.

Ahhh… I’m such a bookworm. Just by looking at them, I’d feel a lot lighter already. One of my advocacies is to encourage everyone to be hooked with books. Here is the latest addition to my ever-growing collection:

Ice Cream Recipes, Chakra Cards, A Journal & something about Pregnancy

5.)    White T-shirts.

These are my current favorites, obsession, and addiction. I think they’re classic, easy to play with (mix&match) and light, perfect for the tropical weather of our country. Right now, I think I have a dozen and I do not intend to stop buying anytime soon. 🙂

Some of my white tees. Brand doesn’t really matter but the material and texture!

6.)    Travels.

I’m a sucker for travel. I’d like to travel as often as possible now that I still can afford it, financially and physically. Eighty (80) provinces of the Philippines are just too much but I’m willing to try. Thanks to my very supportive husband. So where did I go this year?

Legaspi, Albay (February 2011)
Donsol, Sorsogon (February 2011)
Iloilo City, March 2011
Guimaras Island, March 2011
Baguio, April 2011 With the whole family! It’s our very first out-of-town family trip, aside from our Pampanga stays.
Bacolod, April and September 2011
Mambukal Falls, Negros Occidental – September 2011
Mactan Port, going to Nalusuan Island – October 2011
Corregidor Island to celebrate my 26th birthday in a cruise, December 2011

Laoag (2nd time) – We’ll be in Laoag with my parents to celebrate my mother’s 60th birthday!

7.)    Picnic.

Only, it was a Halloween one.  But, I don’t mind – at all. With lots of foodies and movie marathon, 4 days straight, 3 movies per day, I am not the one to complain. 🙂

8.)    Investments.


Finally, I’ve learned a thing or two about Treasury Bills. More to come for my road-map to financial freedom.

9.)    More to give.

Aside from outreach programs and charity donations, I also want to show my loved ones how much I love them no matter how tight our belts are right now. I believe that there’s always something to give, no, actually much more to give.

10.)   Celebrating friendships and relationships.

With DJ Ruffy Biazon (of Customs). It’s his hobby! I should have careered (taken seriously) dressing up!
We are the best party crowd ever!

I had the best Christmas Party ever two nights ago. My friends and I sang and danced to our hearts’ content to the tune of 1980’s music. Saying it was a fun night would be an insult to the party. I have never rocked the dance-floor like that, ever in my life. 🙂

11.)   Christmassy house.

An Improvised Christmas tree.

My very first attempt to give our house the Holiday spirit starts with an improvised Christmas tree and a Santa Claus plus some tablecloths and kitchen towels.

12.)   For other things which are still on my wishlist and later I’m sure I’ll be grateful for are:

Running shoes in black and fuchsia.

Bowling shoes.

Sling bags for when I go to nearby supermarkets or malls.

Oven Toaster for some cooking.

Iphone/Ipad. Sure I can buy this somehow but my conscience wouldn’t allow me. hehe… Simply put, it is not yet my priority.

Car. Aside from wanting it badly, I think we’ll be needing it soon. 🙂

I believe I’m a good receiver ‘coz I never looked at gifts for their monetary equivalent or how much time the giver spent in thinking. The simple thought that someone remembers to give me something this Christmas or for my birthday is what touches my heart. So, please fret not if you have bought me a hanky, a fan, a frame, an album or a towel, I’ll still love them. Modesty aside though, I think I’m a better giver. I’m willing to go over budget for the sake of the happiness of my loved ones and if luck strikes, I could buy my self something big too. This Christmas season, may we all be a better giver than ever before. After all, giving with much love is the real essence why the child was born in a manger thousands of years back. 🙂

Merry Christmas to all of you! The next two days are gonna be so busily and crazily happy! Enjoy the Holidays! 🙂

Ho Ho Ho,


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