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♥ Comparative: My 2011 & 2012 New Year’s Resolution ♥

(1) Healthy Living. I’m postponing the start of a healthy lifestyle for too long now. It’s time that I put it at the top of my priority list! Undeniably, Health is wealth! I’d like to get hook into some activity (sports, exercise) that will make me all sweaty!

This year I’ve engaged myself into Running, Bowling and Badminton. I really love Running, the sweat and the flush it gives me, only I don’t have a running mate. Sad, since I already found a perfect jogging place near our village. But maybe when I get my ‘dream’ running shoes in screaming black and fuchsia, I’ll get my running mojo again. I tried Bowling and its best when you want to enhance your focus or attentiveness. Bowling however, is just a little bit of expensive for a hobby. My favorite among the 3 is Badminton. It gives me the excitement, energy and calorie-burn I need. The only problem is TIME. I used to do it every Friday but most dinner-dates or gimmicks are on Friday. There goes the conflict.

2012 will be the making of Exercise as something staple to my everyday routine. Exercise should begin becoming a lifestyle for me.


(2) Financial literacy. Not that I’m a financial illiterate but I want to take my knowledge to some greater heights, like STOCKS maybe. 😉

Due to my surname change, I was not able to invest on STOCKS yet this year. (They need new Ids & I still don’t have them.) But I’m still glad with the baby steps I took for investment this year. I invested on palays or rice-grains. I also learned a lot about Retail Treasury Bonds.

Needless to say, 2012 will be a year of stocks, time deposits and insurance.


(3) Seriously excited to start some good deeds. I like to make my sharing on a more regular basis. It’s another long overdue plan.

Humbly I’d like to say that I’m now an official World Vision Philippines child sponsor. Nothing could ever describe how happy I am about that. Surely, I’ll be happier if my sponsor could really finish at least High School. Also, I’m an occasional donor of Red Cross Philippines and UNICEF Philippines. I also try to spot and buy things FOR A CAUSE and together with my office colleagues we reached out to Hospicio de San Jose elderly for Christmas 2011.

2012 will be for continuous sharing of more and more of my blessings. I also hope that I could encourage and inspire others to share theirs as well.


(4) Develop my interests and discover new ones as well. I’m the type of a girl who can be zoned once I’m really into something but after a while, I’d go and look for another zone. I cannot stay put to one activity. I can always go back to the things I love like reading or scrap-booking but I can’t do them daily for years! I need other hobbies, new learning and experiences. I believe that it takes a happy wife to have a happy home. 🙂 And I need to constantly chase that happiness. It has been a challenge for me ever since.

Aside from Badminton, I’ve been into nothing grand this year. I highly contribute this to my workloads and getting married. On the other hand, my love for travel still prevails this year. Also, being a homemaker could be one’s hobby, right? Homemaking is one tough hobby that requires burning passion, never-ending patience and pure love before mastery.

2012 will be for my one simple idea: PLAYING WITH STAMPS.


(5) Love my parents MORE than how I used to do before. Now that I’m married, I can’t help but appreciate them all the more, love them all the more and I want to give them no less than what they deserve for being such lovely parents.

To show my parents some aside from always sleeping over at their house and spending Holidays with them. I opted to let them go with us in Laoag, Ilocos on January. This is part of my presents to them. (Mom is 60 on first week of January and Dad’s 63 on 2nd week of February.)

2012 will be about showing more love to my parents, sisters and other relatives. Let’s include underprivileged fellow Pinoys too.


(6) Be faithful to my faith. That includes nourishing and flourishing it. This is my highest priority of all. Sadly, the way the world works right now does not compliment (conflicts even) the way everything was supposed to be! (IMO) This is one calling that I should be faithful to my faith and I’ll do it.

It was January this year when my Loves and I received the sacrament of marriage to seal our union and our love. However I must admit I’m still light-years away from my faith and spiritual goals.

2012 will be a year of striving for spiritual growth.


(7) Do the home-works. I’m a homemaker now, I should at least try as early as today to be the excellent wife and mother-to-be. Amen!?

I do various household chores except for the laundry. I think I’m a pretty good cook and I’m developing my OC-ness when it comes to clearing and cleaning the house and bathroom.

2012 will be a year of more cooking and cleaning.


(8) Complete my bucket list.

I’m happy to have crossed out lots of the entries in my hit-list.

2012 will be a year of another exciting hitting the list.


(9) Get my own unique style from clothes to perfume. Identify myself and character as a woman. I do not actually know how in the hell would I do that. Haha

As to clothes, I’m now into dresses (Hit-List). I am also currently obsessed with white tees paired with any denims. As for scents, I love playing with different varieties, from luxurious such Burberry, local such as Bench and naturals such as essential oils (Jasmine, Lavander & Sandalwood).

2012 will definitely be another year of freshness, roses and grass-roots.


 (10) Print my pictures and have them in a nice photo album. All of them. 🙂

I miserably failed on this quest.

2012 will be the realization of printed pictures.


That wasn’t so bad a result for a resolution, right? { 9/10, giving allowances so 8/10 maybe }  As of the moment, I couldn’t think of any additional new year’s resolution for the coming 2012. For now, I just wanna endure the feeling of actually achieving your life’s goals a year ago. If there’s something I’d love to tackle about right now, it my new year’s wish since I don’t have a Christmas wish-list and it’s my first time to make one. Anyway, I ought to give some time and thoughts on my 2012 wishes, so I better hold my horses until I’m completely ready.

How’s the year-end treating you folks? Me, I’m loaded to the fullest extent ‘coz it’s book closing, accruals, adjustments and all. People in Finance like me will sure know what I’m talking about. Still, I’m happy that 2011 has been a year full of blessings. So have a great day everyone.

I wish you all a blessed and happy and safe new year.


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