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♥ Happy Feet vs. Height is Might ♥

I know how much ladies are willing to sacrifice and endure just to look chic, sexy and outstanding by wearing ‘killer heels’ or ‘f*uck-me-shoes’. More than ‘height’ reasons it’s really about the posture and shape heels give a woman’s body. We sacrifice having varicose veins, corns and blisters. We endure leg and toe cramps, muscle pains, sore and numbed soles and swollen ankles. We’ve been victims of countless unexpected long walk-athons! That’s too much but who are we to deprive ourselves of pretty things? 🙂


Lately, I decided to upgrade my tolerance level when it comes to shoes since I know I need them not just to look good but also to psyche myself with confidence. You know how good it feels when you’re donning and walking at the very least 2+ inch heels, right? The instant boost it offers to your morale and the influential stand it gives plus the foxier appeal. So, I splurge on a couple of pumps, wedges and stilettos last Holiday season. On the other hand, to aid my rebelling feet, I used pads, gels, ointments and petroleum jelly to at least lessen the pain that goes with the additional height .


However, it seems not enough that’s why when commuting to and from the office I use my flats. Grendha Jelly Flats are one of my favorites! The thing is I’m in a mission to lessen the load of my bag and I’m really having quite a hard time to keep and hide my flats in my bag whenever necessary.


I have long before read about “foldable shoes” in magazines ( I know you do too!) and I once went to ATC to check Red Foot’s stocks at Rustan’s. Unfortunately, besides the price of Php 2,600.00++, I was not impressed with the designs. They weren’t that attractive at that time too.

Weeks after, I found about Suelas in the pages of Cebu Pacific’s Smile magazine and I’ve been rooting to buy one eversince. The downside is that they have limited branches: Trinoma and The Ramp Crossings at EDSA Shangri-La. A piece of luck that when I ordered online, our office help seemed not to deposit my payment so my order was cancelled after an unconfirmed payment.


But, I’m not the one to lose hope ‘coz I found another online store to which I can order anew – PoSh Pocket Shoes. This time I myself will deposit the payment. But that can wait for a while because I discovered something even better over the weekend!

*click the image to go their webpage


The best news I’ve got for you is that you need not to go far anymore and you don’t need to be troubled about online order forms and deposit payments for SM’s Parisian brand has come up with their very own practical version. The designs are simply of class and elegance. The quality seems good also. Plus, it’s very affordable at the price of Php 699.75. 🙂 Last Sunday, I finally got my foldable shoes.

Ladies, here’s another way to make our feet happy and more loved! The silky black and ribbon is so Audrey!

These should come handy for that unexpected long walks!!!


I cannot compare it to that of Red Foot’s, Suelas’ or Posh’s  but hey who needs comparison, as long as our feet are happy added to the fact that we ladies can never have enough of shoes, heeled or flat. 🙂 Happy feet now loves the mighty height!

Be kind to our feet for they will take us to places, they’ll thank us and we’ll be rewarded as we grow older.


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