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♥ Moving Forward: The Metamorphosis I’ve Been Waiting ♥

I would rather not reminisce and be emotional at this point in time because by doing so I might change my mind again as provoked by my heart. Instead, I’d like to focus my energy on the new path I’m taking. It’s going to be a new and exciting endeavor.

Aside from practical reasons, it’s really about growth, maturity and a new perspective. After years of being a slave of the administrative jobs in a National Gov. Agency, now I’m ready to join a smaller organization with a Mission and Vision I truly believe in. I’ll now be working for an organization committed to both Public Service and Marketing, two area which I really love. My new company is responsible for the promotion of many Proudly Pinoy-Made Export-Quality Products through various Trades, Expositions, and Missions. I have faith in Filipino products and I grab every chance to support Pinoy manufacturers. So, I fit in perfectly!

These days I realize the value of the difficulties I experienced in my present job and let’s include my previous failures too. It helps me in pushing through my plans, jump to another window of opportunities and just move forward with a wonderful life. Things will start changing and I must evolve as well. I must look at the brighter and bigger side of the globe. I should stand for myself now and stand means not just to speak out my mind but also to take the necessary action, getting out of my comfort zone, accepting risks included. After all, what is right and what is not depends only on where you stand.

Simply put, I had a rough time when it comes to non-personal aspects of my life and looking back I just wanna share my learning from all the years that passed, all the tears shed and all the tides that I survived.

1.) Time will come that we will REALIZE something is TRULY wrong or missing and that we cannot ignore and deny it anymore.

2.) When you realize something as significant as uncontrollable damage to your being, time for ACCEPTANCE of the matter is what you need. Accept that the problem can no longer be brushed aside and accept that it is out of your control. How long or how quick you would accept an uncontrollable bad-as* situation depends solely upon you. Do not be pressured because it will be harder to take the next step if you have not fully accepted the problem or circumstance.

3.) You’ve realized and you’ve accepted. Next is to ask yourself. What does your acceptance mean? Does it mean you’ll just embrace everything and anything thereafter or does it mean you have to take some action on the thing you can control? Again, it’s entirely your choice and use all the time you need to decide.

4.) If you decide to stick with the status quo, then deal with it, be happy about it and still do your best. If it happens that you opt the otherwise, then we’ll have a few more steps. First, you have to FORGIVE. Forgive yourself. If it helps that you punish yourself from something you did wrong or bad, then do so but please be considerate in choosing punishments and you have to REALLY forgive yourself after the penance. Forgive everyone who had done you wrong. Don’t hold reservations. Justice may not be served on earth but it will be in heaven, for sure.

5.) HEALING is the next step after forgiveness. Healing process is my favorite part. I know that many best-selling books about healing have already been published and perhaps you own one and if you think it can help then read it. Remember, you’ll need all the help you can get. For me, healing is a recap of all. It brings you back to the very beginning up to the turning point. It will transport you to all the good and bad times during that certain period of your life. It’s like going through an old video or a photo album in which you’ll have a concrete summary of all the learning, the mistakes, blessings, and factors good and bad. You know you’re healed when you’re ready to move forward. That’s my personal sign.

6.) MOVE FORWARD. Keep in mind that right after the acceptance stage you have also decided to take matters into your own hands, at least for the things you can control. Now, you’re ready to take the necessary action and that means you are finally moving forward with your life once more. Leave all the pains of yesterday’s, yesterday. It’s time to meet a brand new you in a brand new day. Start to do your action plan, no matter how small that start may be. Congratulations!

These are what I went through the past months, years even. I’m glad I finished the whole process and I’m now ready to move forward! I am usually left hanging in either stage 4 or 5. As I said, the time for the process to be completed is a case to case basis. Mine was a long one but definitely worth it. There were lots of delays, detours and starts all over again. During those stops or slow drives, I held on to some trusted weapons such as FAITH and PRAYERS. I also amazingly became an instant optimist! Blessing indeed. Due to my newfound positive attitude, I now nourish an ATTITUDE FOR GRATITUDE. I try to find happy thoughts in my everyday journey. Soon enough, I hope that finding daily happiness even in trivial things will be an effortless habit for me.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Perhaps, it goes with my age or maturity but honestly, I’ve never been so positive in my life like right now. I used to be a pessimist but I transformed in recent years. Factors I consider for this beautiful change in me aside from age and maturity are prayers/faith and a happy relationship with the people I love.

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: I am not to deny that there are still times when I could not control my green monster eyes (envy) but I put a conscious effort in battling it by prayers of course and by focusing on my blessings. I now keep a seemingly gratitude list via my daily Happy Thoughts entries on FB. As of today, I’m now on the 200th entry of my happy thoughts. The same idea actually gave way to my own little island on the web,


I’m almost certain that at one point I will again encounter another difficulty or the need to get out of my comfort zone once more wherein this process might be needed. I will make revisions if necessary as I cruise along the way. What’s important is that I now know and have experienced first-hand a life-changing process which I consider as a big blessing and I am now sharing with any interested soul. As a friend once told me, I’m a girl soon to be out of my cocoon and my metamorphosis shall begin.

Have a great week, Love month is here!

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