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♥ Everything is for us, keep thy faith! ♥

I haven’t blogged for a while and I shall tell you soon all the changes in my life and all the reasons behind. For now, I need all the inspiration I can get and if you’re on the same page as I am… read on, sharing to you a wonderful article about life’s struggles and Faith. Hope you’ll have a blast and ample rest this weekend! 🙂
God has written all of our days in his book. He promised that his plans for us are for good not evil. That doesn’t mean you won’t go through negative situations it means that God will use everything we go through to move us toward that good plan. We all have things happen to us that we don’t understand. It is easy to think. Why did this friend betray me? Why did this company lay me off? Why didn’t I get that promotion? Why didn’t my prayers get answered?
You have to understand, just because it seems unfair or you got a back break doesn’t mean it’s not a part of God’s plan. Just as God uses promotion, breakthroughs, loyal people, encouragement God also uses disappointment, closed doors, betrayals, and persecutions to move us towards his divine plans. Nothing in life happens to you it happens to you. Bad things may have happened to you and you may not like it, it may be painful but know ultimately it is not going to work against you. It’s going to work for you, remember God has already written a plan for your life. As long as you stay in faith what was meant for your harm God will use to your advantage.
That is why you do not live with a chip on your shoulders when things go bad or people do you wrong remember that nothing can happen without God’s permission so stay on the high road and let God take you to a new level of destiny. Jesus was betrayed and the person who betrayed him played a divine role in Jesus fulfilling his destiny. Quit complaining about people betraying you if they betrayed you they didn’t set you back they set you up. If they had not done you wrong you wouldn’t see the amazing future God has in store for you. You may not have liked that but God was using that situation to get you to where you need to be. Deep down you need to know that your life is divinely orchestrated and understand that things are not happening to you they are happening for you. God is going to use these situations in your life it to your advantage.
Sometimes closed doors have been orchestrated by God. Their rejection is going to lead to your promotion. It may look like a setback but really it is a setup for God to do something amazing in your life. You may not be able to see it right now; you may not be able to understand it, things don’t make sense right now but one day you will understand it. One day you will see God’s wisdom and be glad that door was shut. Don’t live your life bitter, angry or upset. God is still on the throne and he would not have allowed things to happen to you unless he was going to use it to your advantage. God can use even your enemies to keep you moving forward.
Too many people get stuck somewhere in life along the way because they don’t understand why things have happened to them. Quit dwelling on the “why’s” of life. We will never understand God’s entire plan, our minds are much too small to comprehend God’s infinite wisdom. Shake off the self-pity, the blame, the discouragement and the disappointment. No enemy is powerful enough to keep you from your destiny, no injustice, no betrayal, and no disappointment. We serve the most high God, he controls the whole universe. If you get in agreement with him he will not only bring you through the trouble he will bring you out better off than you ever been before.
PSALM 110:1 “I will make your enemies your footstools”

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