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It’s Positive!

How can I make it up to http://www.blissfulthoughts.com?

I really am sorry for a ‘semi-intentional’ stop from blogging my thoughts and life. I still did some offline writings, which I hope I could organize and post online soon and some mini bursts of my idea through micro-blogging sites such as twitter and facebook.

I stopped posting at around February, at the height of former Chief Justice Corona’s impeachment trial but hold your horses, it ain’t the reason for my absence, at least not the sole reason.

The biggest secret I’m harboring inside and probably the most blissful thing that could happen to me and my husband is that we’re on the family way, like a 3-member family way!

My Pregnancy Test!

I was on my last week in my previous office when I learned about my 2-month pregnancy. I was paranoid and super stressed since I did not expect it. I thought I’ll be focusing all my energy on my new office job but the Big Boss up there has other plans. He decided to give us a beautiful bundle of joy. Due to the stress brought by work change, my first trimester of carrying our angel was not easy. Nausea, cramps, contractions, throwing-ups, losing weight are just among others. But don’t get me wrong, I do not complain. AT ALL. Even the break-outs, rough, dry and dark skin and constipation are all okay with me as long as my baby would be healthy and normal inside my womb. However, the contractions that were deemed dangerous troubled me a lot. I blamed myself for not taking a pregnancy test earlier. It turned out I was already pregnant when I hiked the Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation in Ilocos when I drank a bottle of red wine, when I jogged around CCP weekly and stayed late at night drinking beer during Valentines Day and videoke nights, among others. I felt so careless and worthless as a mother.

I can only thank God so much for taking care of me and my baby at my most vulnerable and ignorant days, those times when I couldn’t take care of my own self. I’m also grateful for having my family around especially my parents for showering me with love and care. For the prayers and happiness shared by friends, I could not possibly ask for more. My family-in-law are very supportive too. And of course, my ever dearest husband who will be a dad soon for demonstrating an undying patience and understanding. Thanks to all these great people in my life.

Aside from WORK CHANGE and PREGNANCY (which made me sooooo lazy btw), we are now in the middle of finishing a townhouse which I purchased in 2009 when I was still single. That has taken much of my free time as well, dealing with the contractors, suppliers, and Wilcon-shopping.

The work change honestly has not been very great. It didn’t turn out into something I had in mind but I’m good and I’m still looking forward to a positive future. My faith has been tested a great deal, I was lost but no matter what I know God will find me.

This pregnancy came as a pleasant surprise for us. For me, no one can ever be ready to be a mother or a father. I guess, motherhood/fatherhood is just a word but the journey is what is special because it’s unique and unpatterned for each one of us.

The story of my life. I never get to a saturation point. I stop or get removed right at the very climax of things. At least I had a taste of everything.

P.S. I’m on my 5th month now and still busy with work and moving things but I think I can manage to pop some posts here from time to time. Just keep in touch and share your stories. 🙂

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