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Ditching A Bad Habit

I admit that I have few habits which I am not very proud of and which I am trying to ditch for several years already and being ‘on the way’ seems to be a perfect timing to take specific steps which would help me conquer my own enemies. 

Here’s a post to remind me that I vow to do any and/or all of the following whenever I feel like doing any of my bad habits.
1. MUSIC. I’m no music genius. No matter how I want to learn how to read notes so I can do piano less the DO RE MI and no matter how I try to tune myself, music simply isn’t in my blood. But, so what? The best part of music is that you do not need to be a musician to enjoy good music. I turn to music during R&R days in my travels. I turn to music during gloomy, dark and rainy days of life. I turn to music during scary solitude. Now, I vow to turn my ears to good music whenever some bad habits are bugging me.

2. CUTE THINGS. Next time I find myself tempted to do a bad habit again, I should remind myself to open my trinkets and be entertained by the cutest things I have, from snow balls to stationery and other magazine cut-outs of articles and/or pictures, everything that my eyes fancy.

3. CRAFTS. I should start doing my long overdue list of create-your-own-projects and I should finish whatever I have started. My list includes sewing, embroidery, scrapbooks and a parching.
4. PAINT. I’m no painter but I could do something inspired by some great paintings. I’ve got a few blank canvass which I bet are all dusty already. I’ve also downloaded several inspirations for my soon-to-be creations. They are all just waiting for me.
5. READ A BOOK. Or, if that’s too boring at the moment, I should arrange and organize my books or any collection. Cleaning, restoring and making sure that the collections are in best state is a must for every responsible collector. I have a secret to share, I wanna be a book doctor, though I’m not sure how to be one just yet!
6. VISIT THE STOCK MARKET. Review my investment portfolio and increase my financial literacy. Do some internet banking or passbook viewing and update my personal records of finances. Is it not inspiring to see your growing savings!? Personally, it makes me wanna work harder.

7. WRITE. Grab a pen and paper and whatever it is on my mind, I must jot it down. A dream, a plan, a gratitude list, a short story or just some random thoughts. It doesn’t really matter what I write, what’s important is that I write something out. Writing gives people clarity. It’s my brain’s way of decluttering.
8. SLEEP. Who doesn’t want/need one? I need enough of good sleep now more than ever.

9. WATCH A MOVIE. The movies to watch are endless!
10. FINE MYSELF. Finally, if I’ve fallen to the trap once more, I MUST fine myself for doing so. Php 20.00 to Php 50.00 would do. Only, these amounts won’t go to my personal savings but to a “charity fund”. 
Do you also have habits that you’re planning to ditch in your lifestyle? What are you planning to do to get away with them? Share your thoughts in this freaky raining, nonetheless lovely Friday!

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