Random & Personal

A Mom’s Letter

(A letter which written months ago, when the world wasn’t good and clear.)

My ever dearest baby love, 

                 Thank you, my baby, for coming into our lives. Thank you for tightly holding on to your stubborn mother’s womb. Mommy has been careless. I’m sorry. My love for activities and things fun and new made me climb rock formations, exercise and run ’till exhaustion, stay late at night for gimmicks and movies, drink wine and beers, roam around the mall ’till my feet swell and leave my trusted ones for a new career. All of which have affected you. If only I had known earlier….

                I have not thought of you, well actually technically that is not true because I haven’t thought that you were already breathing inside me during those times of recklessness. You, baby, caught mommy and daddy by surprise (what a very pleasant surprise!), but we are nonetheless very very happy upon our discovery of your existence in mommy’s tummy. For me, learning about you on your 8th week is quite late already. How I wish I could have taken care of you in the very first week of your life inside me.

               Our first weeks together wasn’t easy, in fact hard. Those were the hardships that only you and mommy knew everything about. (Daddy had a little knowledge too.) Daddy had a hard time dealing with us too, but it’s you and me who faced the worrisome pain, the persistent morning sickness, the everyday exhaustion and loss of breath and appetite, the loss of physical beauty and bloom, nausea and our much-hated stomach acidity. Those were just a few of the not-so-nice stuff that we endured 24/7. Yes, just you and me, together. It’s an early bonding moment for the two of us.

                 Sorry, my angel, mommy was too busy thinking about how we could provide you with the best of everything and how are we going to show you all the beauty this life has to offer and how are we going to protect you from its cruelties all at the same time. There are just so many things I wanted to prepare first before you come into our lives. All of which are for you but we’re too late. You are a good kid, though, I know you’ll understand. 

              I could not explain it with mere words but you became mommy’s pillar of strength, the fountain of wisdom and spring of peace. You took care of me. You took care of yourself. You took care of us. All these times that mommy was weak and vulnerable. It was you and The One that gave you to us who took charge.

              You’ve been my companion during crying spells, sleepless nights and solitude. You cooperated when I was adjusting to my new work. You’ve been my buddy and source of security, hope, and joy. Thank you for being a nice and strong baby for mommy. I pray that you continue to be one when you’re finally out here with us. 

           For everything that we’ve gone through, I’m certain that you’ll give greater meaning not just to mommy and daddy’s lives but to the lives of hundreds, thousands and even millions of people you’ll meet in your lifetime. You are an angel lent to us by the Heaven Above. You will be a great blessing not just to us but to the world, I know because I’m your mom and for nine months you lived within me.

                I love you my ever dearest darling little one. I’ll miss you inside me but I’m excited to spend the rest of my life caring and loving you.

                                                                                        Kisses and Hugs,


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