Random & Personal

♥ A Note To Self ♥


“It’s easier to blame than to accept, forgive and find a solution. You can always blame your parents for splitting up, your partner for cheating on you, a friend for betraying you and being selfish or even the whole damn world for being so unfair and unkind. You can as well blame the One who created you if that would make you feel well again.

But, think of this hard and slow. Whose time and life is wasted? Whose energy is diminished meaninglessly? Blaming others, blaming yourself, getting mad and getting revenge will not make us or our lives better. I know, because I’ve been there, done that. Just think of it.
How could you move forward smoothly when you’re carrying a lot of burdens from the past? Remember that negative loads are heavier to carry. Let go of all the ugly things from long ago. You’ll be surprised how light you’ll feel and how good things will start to fill up the spaces they emptied in your life.”
This is actually my note to self. Life recently has been a rollercoaster, a test of faith. Some bad decisions and some people and situations I highly need to consider made my life a little crazy. However, I’m truly grateful to the Boss Up There who unfailingly blessed me with what I need, when I need and so much more.
I know that soon, I’ll get up on my 2 feet again, tougher (meaner!)  and more experienced. Also, when the time to stand up and move comes, I’ll be more inspired and purpose-driven. I only need to stay focused on my goals! I can make things happen. If I cannot receive it from others, then I’ll give it to myself and to them. Life can only get brighter for me and the one inside me!

Keep the positive vibes!

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