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♥ Huge Leap: INVEST (Hit-List No. 7) ♥

7.  Invest. It is but proper that I stash away a portion of my hard-earned dough for some income-generating instruments called Investments [preferably passive income], so say hello to me PSEx! {Thanks to you Tere dear, for the brilliant idea and wonderful help!}

Investing our hard-earned money into any business undertaking is not only a big risk but also a huge leap of faith, especially for first-timers. I’m one of the many who never runs out of idea when it comes to possible ventures, from paper-making, retailing up to poultry farming. However, I’m also one with the majority who lacks not only financial resources but the confidence and the courage to start or invest. As they say, to begin is the hardest thing to do.

For some people, they first try their hands on on-line businesses before jumping into a full-blown offline one which I think is good. My story, however, is a different one, as opportunities are knocking left and right that it gets hard to say no.

My first investing opportunity knocked when I got my first paycheck from my new job. Perfect, I thought. I did things online, but it’s not an e-store which spreads sporadically on the internet whereas competition is too tight unless you’ve got a solid market base. From eBay to multiply and now the bulk buying websites, who hasn’t tried selling or buying items and services online? I myself is still looking for the right time to open an e-bookstore not because everybody has an on-line store but because that is where my passion is, showcasing real books, not e-books. So you wonder what is this investment that I do online? I’ve been investing time and money in the Philippine Stock Market.

Yes, finally, it’s a realization of one of the items on my hit-list. I bought some shares from blue chip (solid & stable) companies for capital preservation and appreciation. Hopefully, next year as I accumulate more shares, I’ll feel the benefits of their cash dividend. One more way to earn from stock market aside from capital appreciation and dividends are through trading. However, I need a separate account solely for trading purposes because my husband thinks it’s gambling and should not be mixed to our pure stock investments which we intend to keep for a long time. Trading is buying stocks at their lowest prices and selling them once they increase in value or once they meet your target price. Being an accountant makes it easier for me to understand and interpret financial statements, terminologies, and computations used in the stock market industry but one MUST read and read and read and learn and learn and learn LOADS of stuff in order to make sound and reasonable decisions. Trading is a lot harder than simply investing in the stock market. It’s definitely riskier but I have to admit it’s more exciting, pretty much gambling. Moderation and imposing a limit on yourself are the keys to avoiding the common pit. As you experience more, then you’ll be able to trade better.

My Advice: Put a fixed amount of investment into blue chip companies regularly and put your extra cash into trading for a little dose of excitement. Aside from money, it’s very much important that you also invest TIME in studying your own portfolio. You should design your own goals and the roads you’re willing to take to reach them and you can only do that if you give enough time building your investment portfolio. Read business reports, magazines, newspapers and every material available that you deemed beneficial and take down notes so that you won’t miss the important information. Be ready for IPOs (Initial Public Offering) of promising companies. They are usually cheaper. Let’s take for example JFC (Jollibee Foods Corp.), their IPO price per share I think is around Php 30.00++ years ago and their value now has now gone up to Php100.00++/share! What a steal isn’t it?

My new shopping habit! Place: Phil. Stock Market To Buy: STOCKS
With this new investment and interest, I have my husband’s full support and quoting him, “I’ll support you honey for your shopping craze as long as you shop for stocks!”

Now for the offline venture, which I frankly find more tedious than shopping at the stock market, I’m teaming up with my college best friend who is also looking for another stream of income. With the help of her parents, we are finalizing the business plan and hopefully, we can execute it at the end of this month. For a starter, it will just be a small venture. Although, we certainly hope that this small venture will succeed and eventually open a door for a whole lot of opportunities. Okay, that’s it, I don’t want to spill the beans too soon. I’ll get back to you as soon as my investment/money is back with earnings. One thing I can tell you more is that I personally loved the idea and I believe that this mini-venture will be of great value for me in my future business plans. 🙂

My Advice: Take your time to decide where to put your hard-earned money. Think before you act and act after you’ve thought. Get all the available help and be careful who you trust. Mind and minimize your risk if you do not have that much money. My husband and I have respectively lost some investments in the past. If that’s the case (you do not have much to invest), do not invest what you’re not ready to lose and never put your eggs in one basket. It’s better to hold on to your cash until you’re ready or until a very good investing opportunity comes. Never join the bandwagon (e.g. on-line stores) if your heart is not really into it. I tell you, you’ll just likely fail. I was once a victim so I would know. I got pressured from all my friends having their own businesses but since it wasn’t my passion, I never went farther than creating my website. LOL. Most importantly, INVEST IN YOUR PASSION. It’s the key not only to financial freedom but to personal satisfaction and fulfillment. One will likely succeed in anything he/she is passionate about.

What do you think of businesses, entrepreneurship or investing? We all want financial freedom, right? It’s high time to start. More of my thoughts on this on my next post.

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