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Crazy Rainy Season 2012

The sun has been peeping slightly in the skies for 2 days already. Oh, thank God! I miss wearing shades, don’t we all do?
My one and only mission for this post is: De-clutter my never-been-this-restless mind and body. I as well encourage everyone to find their own outlets because what we experienced lately especially here in Luzon, another especially for moms-to-be (pregnant ladies) is no easy feat. It is not only very stressful but also draining spiritually, financially, physically and mentally.
Why I still love rainy season?
To be clear, I don’t like super mega heavy rains just like the one we’ve experienced and I do hate floods but I gotta admit I still have a soft spot for rainy season. It waters my soul as it waters our dry lands. Scientifically, we need rains too. It’s just that we don’t need them these heavy all at the same time. Blame it on the climate change and blame us for the climate change. Going back, I love rainy season because I love wearing hooded jackets, I like office suspensions and truthful excuses for leave of absences. I love to wear my pricey booties from Plueys for I haven’t reached my expected ROI (Return of Investment) yet. I like the opportunity it gives me to spend some quality time with myself and loved ones. I love the breakfast which perfectly fits a rainy morning and a rainy morning only. I love the music that nicely goes with the pouring. I also find it easier to finish a book when it’s raining, really. Dunno why.
Here is something that kept me busy one rainy Saturday!
Making earrings for my pamangkins (nieces)!
August 2012, Mark It
This August is one helluv of a memorable month for me. I started investing in stocks, I’m doing a business plan and I joined a writing contest! Surprised?! Me too. I’m not just motivated by the prize money but also by the fact that I need a little booze when it comes to writing. Gone are the days when teachers would appreciate my articles. I can’t even remember the last piece I wrote that actually won in a contest or get published. I just miss those days and all the emotions that came with it. Euphoria, I guess. Wish me luck!
Of course, not everything in August is happiness. On the fateful night of August 6, I left office at exactly 6pm and I arrived safely home at 12:30 AM the next day. Sure, I’m still more fortunate compared to others who were stranded overnight, those who braved the raging floods and those who really had losses, but hey, I’m 6 months pregnant. Pregnant ladies are emotionally and physically weaker. Our subconscious tells us we cannot get sick because we cannot just take any meds and our baby’s immune system depends on ours. Add up all the tiredness from walking, standing and sitting in traffic for 2 hours and the worries for the one you’re carrying inside you, that’s torture. But all is well now, I took it upon myself to rest not just my body but my baby most importantly. I’m still wondering though, what if we just check-in to a hotel that night? Gotta try it one time.
Terrible scene (LRT Tayuman), my baby & I witnessed. Thank God, my hubby’s with us!
Lots of things I’m grateful for and the fact that no one I know or love has been affected by the recent deluge tops the list. Second, none of our homes were affected too, my parent’s my family in-law’s, our rented apartment, our soon-to-be home and our starter home. I’m just so grateful we made the right purchases. I’m grateful for my ability to help others. I’m grateful it was not the end of the world yet, meaning more time to save my soul and see my little angel. I’m grateful we survived and I’m grateful for Filipinos’ resiliency.
How prepared are you?
Gotta get one! Water-proof it should be.
Boy, if there’s one thing that I realize out of this entire weather occurrence, it is the fact that it’s freaking hard to be prepared. Yes, we can stock up with canned goods but it’s so hard not to touch them in a month and you cannot absolutely hide them or else how can you regularly check for their expiry. Same goes with medicine, it’s quite difficult really to maintain a disaster kit that would last for 72 hours (3 days or 72 hours is what they say the usual waiting time before any help comes). So I’ve come up with some ideas:
1   1.)  I’ll start to put certain items like canned goods, medicines and batteries on our disaster kit or Go-bag by the month of April or May, summer months! That way I will not have to worry about expiration dates or their usability for they will be practically new. By November or December, I’ll open them for regular usage. I need to put checking my Go-Bag on my weekly or monthly task list. 
2   2.)  Have a mini disaster kit in your bags for adversities happen not only when you’re inside the house. As for myself I feel safe with a flashlight, a whistle to call attention, basic meds, comfy shoes, booties would be nice, bottled water, extra shirt, a cracker, candies, alcohol, a Macgyver knife and fully charged cellphones and oh, cash! I’m adding on my list a water proof case or a handful of zip locks at least. I figured what’s the good of wet cellphones, right?!
Right now, here’s what I’ve got in my purse, It’s time to make some changes!
notepads, LED flashlight, whistle, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, bugs-off spray etc.
Fresh from the US
Not me, my sister.It was work-related but I’m surprised she brought me a Mossimo Shirt and this:

Fresh from the Farm
One aspect of my pregnancy which I had difficulty dealing with is letting go of beauty products, sunblocks included. Thank goodness for organic products such as these.
Facial Oil, Facial Moisturizer and Lotion from Ilog Maria
The no-typhoon-only-monsoon rains and flood that we experienced was really alarming. I believe it’s both a wake-up call and a message. I am studying how to do compost pit at home as my personal contribution in proper waste management issue. I’m also having this absurd idea that maybe God doesn’t want us to be divided by the RH Bill issue. Because of His great love for us, He took it upon Himself to solve and lessen what we claim as our problem, population. I know that Genesis 8:7-12 has trended in Twitter already. Frankly, I do not have a stand yet on RH Bill because I haven’t read the bill yet. If it’s going to be a law however, then there’ll be a corresponding consequence if you don’t follow it and that’s what I’m curious about. I find the proposed IRRs (Implementing Rules and Regulation) more alarming if ever. Anyway, I believe too that everything will happen as the Lord has planned. Book of Revelations reveals it, no matter what happens, evil shall come and rule the world with or without the RH Bill. I couldn’t blame people behind RH Bill, truly it’s quicker, easier and more realistic to give and use contraceptives than to improve quality of education, upgrade humanity and morality and ultimately change people’s mindsets.
Some cool ideas on how to recycle common trash:
From filipinadiver’s twitter
From inhabitat.com (cool isn’t it!?)
I forgot to mention, rainy days give way and give the right mood for movie or DVD marathons. Right now, I have a cool-off with Patrick Jane so I’m flinging around Dr. Gregory House!

First Baby and Family Picture
I promise I’ll take my baby’s first picture and our first family picture using my new Instax Camera. It’s not Polaroid but close to it. I’ve always wanted to have a Polaroid cam but right now it screams impracticality so I’ll stick to this one first.
From http://www.polaroid.com
It has been quite a long post, I have to cut myself even if I still want to add so many more. Let me end this by sharing to you our excitement for our coming baby. I’m a little scared too and worried but sure I’m excited to hug, kiss and cuddle our bundle of joy.
Sweetnight to you all from mommy and baby. Safety, health, happiness, hope and strength for all of you. Let’s spread some spiritual sun this crazy rainy season. And a little donation for our deeply affected fellowmen would be cool too. 🙂
Much Love,

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