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♥ Body & Instinct ♥

There are two things my pregnancy has thought me that I think I should have learned long before. One is, listening to my body and the other one is, instincts are there for a reason.
Listening to what our body is saying should become everybody’s habit. Our body knows things that we don’t. Sometimes or oftentimes we get so used to having youthful energy and we intentionally forget our age that’s why we live carelessly until our bodies start to talk to us loudly though pains and in more unfortunate cases, diseases. In my 4th month of pregnancy, I still travelled to Bohol and snorkeled a lot and it was absolutely because my body allowed me to. But now that I’m on my 8th month, I don’t think anything or anyone can make me get out of Metro Manila. It’s my body that refuses long trips and tiring activities like malling. I honestly think I should keep that habit of listening to what my body is saying. Sleep when I feel sleepy as early as 9pm, eat when I’m hungry and stop eating when I feel full no matter how delicious the meals are, relax and take a deep breath when I’m tensed, detoxify whenever I feel like a mess and go consult a doctor when I feel something’s wrong. In our lifetime, we only get one body and that what makes it special and important and we need to take care of it, for our bodies to last a lifetime.
I never had this so-strong instincts until I got pregnant. I’d like to think it’s both hormonal and the heaven’s or universe’s way of helping me and the little one I’m carrying. It has saved me a couple of times and maybe more if I had listened or followed them more. Simple stuff really, like if it’s best to go home early, if it’s best to wait for another train or pin pointing the missing centavos for my balance sheet, bank recons and cash flows. I’m also the first one to know I’m carrying a boy less the ultrasound. Everyone thought it’ll be a girl judging from my appearance. I hope this (instincts, gut-feels or what-have-you) stays and improves now that I’m going to be a mother soon, bet I’ll need it more. Personally I consider them as signs from Above, voices of angels and ultimately God’s whispers or Divine Intervention which answer my prayer for help, light and guidance.
These do not apply for moms-to-be only. These apply to all. Who knows, these might save your day, or your life? I think they are definitely worth trying. So this weekend, listen to your body and enhance your instincts. Deal?

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