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♥ Buntis (Pregnancy) Essentials ♥

I’m almost in the homestretch of my nine-month journey! Hooray for me & my baby boy! And since this is my first pregnancy, I’ve discovered so much for the first time as well.  It’s a fun ride, really! And based on my experience, the following are the buntis or pregnancy essentials for mothers-to-be like me:

1.)  Pack a load of wet and dry TISSUES. Frequent visits to the restroom are inevitable and the need to ‘drop a bomb’ can occur any second time of the day and there’sno point of resisting such call of nature and risk having hemorrhoids. So better be ready than be caught unprepared!


Contains perfume, foot spray, and liquid soap.
2.)  In relation to no. 1, sanitation is very important, pregnant or not (all the more when you ‘re pregnant!), so get a handy SOAP. A liquid soap is what I prefer. For hygiene purposes, I skip the use of any public toiletries, tissues, sanitizers, and soaps included. I carry around my own liquid soap, plus I get to choose its smell. Thanks to this 3-1 spray bottle from Watson’s, it makes my toiletries handy!

3.)  Also included in my 3-1 spray bottle is a FOOT SPRAY. Since I got pregnant, my feet seem to sweat more. I also need to take off my shoes in the middle of the day for them to breathe some fresh air, to change to formal ones and yes, sometimes to massage it. After all, I’m a walking pregnant lady. I walk a lot.

4.)  CITRONELLA SPRAY. Now that I’m almost always on maternity dresses, my legs are exposed to insects especially mosquitoes, so I decided not to take any chances with diseases like Dengue and Malaria. Remember, prevention is better than cure! It double purposed as an air freshener or deodorizer during ‘drop-a-bomb’ moments. I do love citronella sprays!

5.)  I am one lousy taker of Vitamins, so I put my OB-Min inside my vanity kit so that it’ll never skip my eyes.

6.)  A vanity kit containing whatever suits my mood. A blush, a lip tint, eyeliner or an eyelash curler. Something that will make me feel better about my physical appearance, you know how things go when you’re hormones are ruined, right? A pregnant lady like me needs a moody upper and a daily booze plus being anemic makes me usually pale, so before anyone around me gets worried, I put a little color on my face.

7.)  I know that HAND SANITIZERS are staples for all but for a preggy like me, a good smelling one (something accepted by my olfactory nerves) and with a soothing scent is a must.

8.)  EXTRA PANTY LINERS because believe you me, it’s gonna be a wet nine months!


9.)  Bring CRACKERS & CANDIES that you’ve tested and passed your crazy hormones and senses at home. We’ll never know when our little ones inside would get hungry or when we’ll throw up our lunch. Hunger is twice insane when you are pregnant while candies help you make it through nauseous moments like travel time.

10.) EUCALYPTUS or anything you love to smell. Again, this helps ease nausea which is pretty much a resident feeling during pregnancy.
Those are my top 10 must-haves during the long (yet so short) journey for moms-to-be. If I could just add some more, it’s also important that you always have in your purse your doctor’s contact no., a loaded cellphone (if you’re on prepaid), an extra cash (for a taxi if you don’t have a car) and medical records in case of emergency. That should do it.
For all parents-to-be, CONGRATULATIONS!
For all who took the time to read this no matter what’s your status, ONE SWEET BIG KICK from my baby boy! Goodnight & Happy Week Ahead!

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