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♥ Happy One Year! ♥

Now that I’m going to be a mother in just a matter of 3 months days (yes, late posting again!), I can’t help but be nostalgic and visit the memory lane of childhood. Childhood days are the non-stressful days of my life. I wake up early, take a bath, eat breakfast, put on my uniform, go to school, enjoy classes, go home, eat again, sleep, play, do my homework, watch TV, eat again and sleep. The routine.

That’s how simple a child’s life is. Simple and blissful. For some lucky ones.

We adults sometimes think that those were the better days for we do not need to worry about anything, a place to live in, school supplies to use, food to eat, supply of water, electricity bills and clothes to wear. All were taken care of by our great parents. We seem not to have a problem in the world we’re living in.

I was a lucky child for having my parents and de-facto parents, probably as much as most of you too. We’re not rich and I did not live in luxurious lifestyle but I was well-provided with the best they could which was not bad at all. I’ve realized as I grew older that not every child has a stress-free childhood. That’s a harsh and sad reality. In many forms and shapes, child abuse and child deprivation are becoming too common as the years pass.

To show my gratitude to the One who gave me a wonderful childhood, I decided to sponsor a child’s education through World Vision for just a minimal amount. How I wish I could sponsor more children, but right now supporting one is only what fits and it’s for a year already.

Happy Anniversary Card!

My heart pounds with happiness every time I receive a mail from him (sponsor child). Sometimes it greets me and sometimes it gives updates on his studies. It’s just so fulfilling knowing that somehow you’re making a difference in someone else’s life and hopefully that difference will make our world a better place.

I’m inviting everyone, every family, every group/peer, sisterhood and brotherhood to consider supporting a child’s education for only Php 600.00 per month per child. You can pool your funds if the amount doesn’t fit your budget alone.

The Progress Report WV sends the sponsors.
P.S. This post is not a show-off or anything like that. I just want to inspire and perhaps encourage more sponsorships for this country’s less fortunate little ones.

It’s Monday…… but it’s gonna be Okay! Happy week ahead.

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