♥ Beauty Bliss: Sample Room’s Benefit POREfessional Pro Balm Primer ♥ (Product Review);

My face tends to become an oil mine whenever I put creams such as B.B. creams and liquid foundations especially ‘mineral foundations’. That’s why no matter how I love the matte finish some creams give my skin (right after application), I always think twice before I apply them, making sure that I’ll be indoor most of the times and I’ll be able to retouch anytime I need to not unless I want to shine (with oil) the whole day.  That was my main concern when I decided to risk my first 100 points from Sample Room for this Benefit POREfessional Pro Balm Primer. The aye-catching packaging is a bonus. I am just so glad that true to its word, the POREfessional can boast its oil-free formula along with its other promises.
I apply it over my sunblock/moisturizer (Nivea), concentrating on the T-zone area as suggested by its makers. I am amazed how smooth its texture is and how nicely it glides on my skin. Unlike most products, you won’t “feel” you used something on your face, you’d just see it. Just like what I said earlier, at least in my case, it gives the matte finish I always loved without making my skin oily and yes I do not need to apply powder or use blotters from time to time which makes me conclude that it really does wonders in minimizing my pores hence the reduction of oil production on my face. It is great on the T-zone area that is very prone to being oily and where pores are much visible.
If there’s a downside, I think it’s the amount of cream you have to use in order to see or achieve the desire you want. I guess it depends on the condition of one’s pores but for me, the more, the better. Also, it’s just a temporary solution (considering the price). The moment I wash my face the smoothness is gone and visible pores are back. How I wish it could be permanent. Bleh. Other than those, I could not think of any downside. To sum it all:
  1. Oil-control formula/effect and non-greasy feeling
  2. Matte finish
  3. Smoothness
  4. Blends on skin
  5. Looks and feels natural / No-make-up feel or look
  6. Packaging is sophisticated (hey it’s Benefit!)
  1. Thinness. (But I think it’s the reason why it is so smooth and oil-free) You have to use more for a better effect and coverage.
  2. Temporary solution. Oil and pore problems are back when you wash your face or when you’re not using it.

   w/o POREfessional                   w/ POREfessional

Still, this product for me is magical and is a must on my vanity kit or daily routine. For the oil-control effect alone, I’ll be willing to save and spend some moolah for Benefit’s Porefessional Pro Balm Primer. I am even willing to let go of B.B. creams and liquid foundations. This is the sole product I ever used that does not encourage my face to produce oils. Needless to say but I’ll do it anyway, I’ll buy a full size because I loved it and it’s worth it, but I prefer it to be in a handy or pocket size so that I can tuck it easily and be with me anywhere I go.
Happy sampling this holiday season!

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