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♥ Blissful Moms ♥

It was Thursday when I gave birth to my little darling, Miguel and it’s Thursday once more that I’ll be giving birth to the very first major section of this blog, one I’ve been meaningdesiring to write about introduce, only I got no time to spare. I declare Thursday as Blissful Moms’ Day in which I’ll be posting stories (personal and non-personal), parenting tips (from personal experience (very limited), those of others and those I’ve read), motherhood transformations/realizations and of course, baby products I love to use on my very own baby boy. Who knows, soon we’ll be having a full blown Blissful Moms Club! Why not? 🙂 So… without further ado, a warm welcome to all
Every Thursday or maybe not e-v-e-r-y, I’ll devote time to write stuff not only about motherhood and parenting but most especially about the amazing little boy who is fast-growing (picture soon). That way, I’ll be able to endure, enjoy and taste more of our blissful moments together and when I grow old, there will be something (i.e. this blog) that I can always look back on and will remind me of the wonderful past.  I sincerely hope that readers especially mommies like me (and daddies too) would be able to identify themselves with my new-found happiness.  This is the most fun and exciting way that I can think of to document my outpouring love, overpowering prayers and overwhelming joy and hope ever since I became a mom  (aside from scrapbooks which are very visual). Some may think I’m exaggerating. Maybe I am but nothing can be more exaggerated than being a (first time) mom or parent. And I need to put all those exaggerations into writing in order to stay sane and earth-bound.
To start of lightly, let me share some upcoming hot sales that moms like me might be interested.

 As for my first personal note under Blissful Moms:

Yes, obviously I am inspired not just to write/blog or work but with everything. And yes, being inspired does not equate to being immune from exhaustion, worries and stresses. I still feel tired and bothered from time to time with all the ‘new’ responsibilities but I know I can manage anything and everything for Miguel not only because he is my responsibility but more importantly because I love him, God entrusted an angel to me and he was brought to life by our love. Who wouldn’t be inspired by an angel, a sweet, gentle, innocent and lovely angel at that?! 
So again, Thursday is for us Blissful Moms! 
Much Love,

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