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♥ BLISSFULMOMS: Transformations ♥

This is very true mommy-friends, motherhood just brings so many transformations in a woman’s life. As to what those transformations are, it depends. Surprised? Don’t be. Motherhood is definitely a huge change and a big challenge. How we will respond to these changes and challenges will determine our transformations. If we will focus on the sad thoughts like how much pounds we’ve gained, our lack of me-time, sleeplessness and the list will go on, we will transform into a desperate, depressed, bitter, envious and lonely being. Whereas if we appreciate this miraculous opportunity to serve God by leading and molding one soul into His kingdom and likeness, surely we will transform into a better person than we used to be filled with satisfaction, contentment, hope, love and bliss.

I’m not here to give a lecture but here is to share the transformations I’m now going through. Sure, mother or not, everyone can go through remarkable changes but MOTHERHOOD is a strong force that will drive you at it. It will be needed not just wanted. 

I am transforming into a superwoman without super powers. Oftentimes, I do not know how I was able to do things that are needed to be done. I’ve become better in multi-tasking both in doing and thinking. I am becoming a selfless woman and an unconditional lover. The best part is, I’m not doing this because of responsibility per se, It comes just natural. Simply by looking at him, my heart melts away. I’m becoming a better wife too, appreciating all my partner’s contribution. I’m loving my parents more because now I know how hard it is to be one. I’m transforming into a more practical and financially-organized woman. It’s just so different when someone will depend on you for say, 22 years. Because of that too, I’m becoming health conscious. Wanna see my grandchildren in the future, noh. I’m becoming more patient too. I’ve been a dreamer eversince but now, my dreams not only become bigger but also clearer and brighter. It makes me at peace. 

Above are just a few but my most favorite, the one which I’m most proud of is that motherhood is slowly transforming me into a Godly person. I talk to Him more often. I strive harder to read and understand His words and I simply just have this desire for me and my family to be under His love and grace. I sincerely believe that motherhood is His way to call on me because when I was still childless, I could not focus on my spiritual journey. Now, I’m inspired.

As I said not all changes are nice like when I think about my figure. I’m not yet back on my pre-pregnancy weight and because I’m a stress-gainer, I can’t get hold of my appetite! With body transformations comes the call to love my self for whatever shape I’m in. It teaches me to be confident no matter what and makes me realize that attitude and character can make a woman sexy as well. Lack or less me-time. This one can hit good and hard and can become a big issue. A great bullet for depression. The key is to ALLOT ME-TIME as you see fit. Get help, accept support. Gradually decrease it as times  pass by. Eventually, you’ll get used to your new schedule. Besides, you’ll definitely miss and love bonding with your baby and you’ll value more your time for yourself. It will be much meaningful and productive compared before. 

I did not realize how many remarkable changes I’ve been going through since I became a mother. I have a feeling that there will be many many more transformations with the years ahead. I know that this journey won’t be easy. I still get a bit lonely whenever there’s airline sales, we’re still unable to travel because the little man is still too young but wait ’till he’s old enough to be on his own feet and we’ll bring him to places. I’m excited to fill him with lessons only travel can teach. I’m sure my partner and I will also learn and evolve once  more.

Gee, quite a long Thursday post for our blissful mommies out there. 🙂 Have a great, great Friday you all! 

Mwah, XOXO,

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