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♥ Blissful Moms: Shopping for Babies The Online Way ♥

Today, being a Blissful Moms’ Thurs-Day, I choose to take a break from blabbing about the goodness and challenges of motherhood. For this post, I want to share about my new hobby as a mom and that is to shop for baby items online. Of course, that is aside from cuddling, tickling, talking and playing with my honey baby. Sometimes I get worried that I may be spoiling my son as early as now but I really could not control it whenever I see something good for my baby boy. I promise I’ll lessen buying stuff for him especially once he gets older and can already recognize that he’s being materially-spoiled.
Aside from the fact that we, girls, looove to shop, I find shopping online time-efficient and hassle-free. Imagine free deliveries right next to your door, I don’t have to worry about how to take items home. Additionally, I could save up on gas or taxi fares and I could save on time too because I am no longer obliged or tempted to check shelves after shelves because online stores offer lesser but better products, I believe, since they are already filtered. Sometimes, you can score discounted and unique items as well. Warning, though, this is addictive! 
Moving on, here are my top 3 favorite online shops and the items I bought from them:
Baby Shop
From Baby Shop
Baby Outlet / I have yet to try this one. 🙂


From Zalora. Cloth Diapers, Bath Essentials, Anti-Rash

Some more. Feeding Bottle and Other Utensils


Being a busy mom is not an excuse to ran out of stock of our baby essentials. Thank goodness to online baby stores, open 24/7. But if you are still not convinced or maybe you are easily addicted to things so you opt not to try buying online, it’s perfectly okay because traditional shopping has its own perks too. Just do what works for you and what’s best for your schedule.

TRIVIA: I can no longer count how many times have I chosen baby items over my own stuff. I always end up leaving in the counter or removing from the online cart items which I wanted to buy for myself and paying for all the items for my son. What’s surprising is, I feel happy and fulfilled everytime I do that. I say to my self, “oh wow, I’m a mom na talaga (really)!”.

Raining Thursday it is. I wonder what my baby boy is doing right this very moment. Till next Thursdate blissful mommies!
Love much,

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