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♥ Happy Bellies: Bakeshop Hopping ♥

My last entree on this blog sounded so serious so I figured that my tiny island on the net deserves a happy post’ after all, it ought to be a happy place.
Lately I’ve been having crazy cravings for delicious breads. Not just sweet breads or foods like doughnuts and cakes but those which are flavorful and sinfully enticing. To give you a much clear picture of my desire, my peg is a hotel’s buffet breakfast’s pastry and bread corner wherein one can feast on waffles, pancakes, danish breads, croissant, french loaves, muffins, cookies and even pandesal much to anyone’s delight. Oh how I miss buffet breakfasts.
In the meantime, a bakery or bread store is all my pocket and my time could afford. And since I love trying new things, foods included, I skipped my regular go-to places for dessert and carefully chose one (or two) which I haven’t tried yet.  
First stop is, Tous les Jours (tou-le-juru). I’ts the french word for everyday. Interestingly, Tou les Jours’ origin isn’t in France nor it’s infamous city Paris but in South Korea. Anyway, it prides itself as an authentic French-Asian bakery which uses high quality ingredients and offers freshly baked breads EVERYDAY. 
As for my experience, I’d say that their croissant is better than the ones I’ve tasted so far. Better than what’s being offered by most common cafes around like Cafe France. I love that it’s crunchy yet has a mass. Most croissants are air-filled. However their danish breads aren’t the best I’ve tasted (i.e. in Bluewater Maribago). The fruits they put did not help either. However, I do love their packaging, so is their website. It’s so inviting. Next time, I should try their best-seller, blueberry whole bread something. Below is their website, you may check their prices there. They have an FB page too!
Click the photo to go to their website.
Top: Danish Breads with Fruits; Bottom: Packaging and Almond Croissant (All at Php 68.00)
Next is, The Bread Story which I think is pretty new in branching out. As a matter of fact, they do not have a good packaging yet and papers for trays and even coffee cups which could help them introduce their store and boost their sales. The Bread Story reminds me of Bread Talk, only they offer less ordinary breads and they offer as well unique yummy-looking cakes which by the way I’ll try this coming 8th month of my baby boy. Unsatisfied as I was in Tous les Jours’ danish breads, I tried The Bread Story’s plus their chocolate roll. Their danish bread is promising, at least the filling. It’s better tasting than others I’ve tried. It seems to be less oily also unlike some. The chocolate roll was so-so. Kids would love it I guess. I’m more excited to try their cakes!

Click the photo to go to their website.
Blueberry and Peach Danish Breads and Chocolate Roll (All between Php 45-50)
Last on this post is Sugarhouse. I was able to try their Cashew Toffe and their Iced Cafe Latte a few months back already. All I could say is that they are screaming in sweetness that I almost got a toothache right after. So anyone who craves for REALLY SWEET stuff, go head there, make sure though that you do not have diabetes nor a candidate for it. Also, prices are quite steep. Tip: when you dine here, don’t order a drink, it’s best to gulp on glasses of water instead.
Click photo to go to their website.

Iced Coffee, Cafe Latte and Cashew Toffe at Php 150.00 (Never mind the Kebab! Hehe )
Well, that’s it. Did I make you hungry or crave? I hope I didn’t ruin your planned diet. Anyways, #cheatdays #weekends are coming soon! Wait for my next food hop. Exciting! 🙂

Happy Eating,
P.S. Tous Les Jour I visited was in SM Mall of Asia while The Bread Story and Sugrahouse are located in SM San Lazaro. This is not an sponsored post! Thank you.

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