Project: Full Life

♥ Welcome Me Back! ♥

Look who’s back!


I wasn’t only MIA. I was GONE for months. 


absence for that long

 in the world of words/blog

feels like a decade or more​

I missed everything but I had to devote more


my time to my growing baby boy.

He was hospitalized last April


nd from then on I 

took extra care of my precious little man.​ 
Now that he’s getting bigger and bouncing healthy 
(Yes, I’m fully claiming it!),
I could probably go back to my one


 love, WRITING.


The thing about taking a break from writing
 is that when I start again, it feels like I’m always
lost for words, like it’s my scary-as-hell 
first time. It’s hard to get the mojo back 
or start all over again. But I have to break my vacation, 
right here, right now. Bear with me please. 🙂 

Right now, I’m trying to compile my travel entries 
from various drafts and my former blogs. 
Watch out for that! I’m slowly going back to 
my old interests too, such as reading, watching movies 
and baking. I will also try yoga, enroll in a sports club, 
do some hotel-hopping and practice my green thumb. 
Expect vanity posts too, more editorials and still loads 
of life, love and parenting lessons.  
For the second half of 2013 I will try my very best 
to live with spontaneity and surprise myself everyday 
by doing things that are new to me, things I held off 
for so long and things I never imagined I could do. 
Things both big and small, but mostly simple stuff I guess.

First on my list is to buy some caged birds and set hem free!

Join me in celebrating a new kind of freedom.
Freedom from self doubt, guilt and fears!

My inspiration. (image from google)

Happy Independence Day indeed!


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