Project: Full Life

♥ Define Simple Living ♥

Simple Living. Sounds good, right? But what is it really? What does it take for us to live simply? How could one claim that he/she has but a simple life? Does it mean being average? Or does it mean boring?

Probably like many, I relate simplicity on the externals, on what the eyes could see and the hands could hold. I see simplicity of people in the cars they drive, bags, clothes, shoes they wear, foods they eat, gadgets they use and places they go to. Then, i would wonder how do the rich and wealthy find the guts to say they are “just simple human beings”.

Lately however, I found possibility in that. Simplicity in abundance. I realized that Simple Living is a mindset. It’s an attitude not a mere showcase of average, mediocre lifestyle. We may not have the same definition of what a simple life is but maybe many of you would relate with me with these definitions:

Simple Living is….

…knowing what are the most important things in your life
…enjoying your time with the those most important things
…having a solid set of values, setting what’s negotiable and what’s not, setting lines on compromises
…being unfazed by the less important things or happenings around you\
…being appreciative irregardless of price tag. Appreciation is a good start because you cannot appreciate what you do not have. Appreciation leads to gratefulness. Gratefulness leads to satisfaction. Satisfaction leads to contentment and contentment brings strong and lasting happiness
…finding joy from every blessing
…finding faith and hope in every trial
…to acknowledge and believe that a Higher Power exists
…acceptance of God’s shower of love, blessings and abundance without any guilt.
…having a pure and compassionate heart.
Everyday is a God-given chance for us to live in the simple beauty and abundance of life. All it takes is our willingness to change our mindsets and for us to focus more on what’s deep inside us. Have an inspiring Wednesday.
*Stay dry and safe folks!

*This post is inspired by Bo Sanchez

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