Project: Full Life

♥ On Crafts, DIYs and 3Rs ♥

I love doing crafts especially when it involves the 3Rs (i.e. Recycling, Reuse and Reduction of Waste). That’s my humble way of showing love to mother Nature. Truth be told, when crafting, I hate to use buy expensive any new material especially the expensive ones except for glues and adhesive tapes. Just like when I do scrapbooks, I do make sure that 95% of the materials I use are well, SCRAP. For patterns and nice photos, I always use the cut-outs from magazine’s back issues. I keep every single thing which I find interesting from clothes tags to flyers to ticket and brochures. They are clutter when not in use but once you turned them into something nice and useful, you would love the feeling. Time is my only enemy when it comes to crafting. To continue, the other day, I found out I have kept a lot of old calendars. My initial reaction was to throw them in the garbage. I almost forgot that I kept them because of their nice prints, some even promoting local and international tourism. I love how free company calendars have evolved. In a separate post, I’ll share to you some of the most interesting calendars I have, some are desk-types while some are for walls. There are big ones (poster type) and there small ones too.

Moving on, I’d like to share some of my so-called crafts and DIYs. Before this post, I never realized I was actually practicing the 3Rs. I wish to do more and improve a lot. So I wouldn’t mind if you share yours as well or if you guys could recommend a good blog/site promoting 3Rs. P.S. I’m just a beginner though. 🙂 I hope you enjoy.

Giving a Broken Clock a New Home
Materials: Carton/Box of a toy I bought for my son.
IronMan poster (any poster will do)
Family Picture (optional)
Small Wall Clock (with broken case (wish I had a picture), originally bought from Makro for Php 25.00)
Scoth Tape and Glues
DVD Mini Shelves
Materials: Box of Milk (which we have a lot!!!)
Movie Prints (from magazines, newspapers or old CDs, VCDs)
Scoth Tape and Glue
Materials: Used Carton (free in groceries esp. in cities which ban the use of plastic bags)
Cut-outs (magazines, flyers, brochures, etc etc)
Another Carton/s to support the base
Plastic Cover, Scoth Tape and Glue
I used to display it along my currently reading books in a corner of our living room (on our former home).
Princess Sarah Box
Materials: Clean Cake Box
Plastic Cover, Scoth Tape and Glue
I call this a “Princess Sarah Box” because in the cartoon version of this classic film, Sarah once received a trinket box full of cute things like pins, brooches, ball-pens, notepads, hair-clips, laces, ribbons etc etc and I imitate it ever since.
Dresser/Desk Organizer (forgive the photos, grabbed from my IG)
Materials: Boxes of Milk (3pcs) cut to form a layer
Cut-outs (you can choose a theme if you want, mine is vanity)
Scoth Tape and Glue
I almost spend for a desk organizer I found in an online shop with a price of about Php 300.00. Thinking twice, I realized it was doable. And I was not wrong. 🙂
Magz Collection
In an old notebook or notepad, I paste articles, tips and trivia (preferably short ones) which I find interesting and useful reference in the future. I also have one for nice photos too. You see, magazines are such storage suckers. This way, I could let go of them without a heartbreak.
Who doesn’t know how to do a bookmark?!
This is perhaps my very first DIY/Craft project after I bought a printer and while I was still high with my travels (I’m always high every after a wander-fest). Besides, it’s the easiest yet most useful when you’re like me who despite the digital era still loves the crunchy sound of flipping a book and the unique/old/antique smell of its papers. It’s a good gift too, full of labor of love.
Given more time, I’ll probably do not just more but better projects. It’s a beautiful hobby which I cannot wait to impart with my kids. It’s a good stress-buster, environment-friendly and pocket-safe. From time to time, it’s nice also to let our left brain do some work-out! Have a blessed week and always remember to recycle, re-use and reduce waste.


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