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♥ Load of Crafts and DIYs ♥

Lately, I’m becoming more addicted into crafting and DIY projects. It’s because of the  ‘different’ sense of fulfillment each and every time I manage to re-create something useful and beautiful from scrap materials. If only we had more space in the house, I would have probably accumulated more recyclable and re-usable materials for later ‘magic’. 
I don’t claim to be a genius on this (at least for now) but I honestly aspire to become one, someday. And my logical brain dictates that practice makes perfect or at least close to it. So yes, not all the crafting/DIY projects which I did were cost-effective, functioning as I originally intended them to be nor they were always of quality and beauty. In short, not everything were a hit. But, no one’s giving up in here.

Early disclaimer: I AM NOT AN ARTIST. Never claimed to be one. Way, way far from being close to it. Though I admit to be a frustrated even trying hard when it comes to art. How I envy those with natural talents. Anyway, my passion in crafting/DIY projects (yes passion because I think of it more than 3x a day) is fueled by my advocacy to RE-USE, RECYCLE and REDUCE WASTE for a healthier environment. Everything else comes next. I’m still realistic about my limits, skills and God-given talents. But I’m willing to learn everything that are there to be learned and I’m willing to try. One day I might enroll in a class but for now, I’m happy with my little collection of art tools and a pinch of creativity.

Trivia: I’m in euphoria every time I buy some art stuff like canvass, paints and charcoal pencils! And for that time only, I feel like someone who knows how to do a decent art-piece. hehe
Here are the few products of my left brain work-out as a week-ender treat for you all!

This isn’t really a craft but a ‘meaningful use’ of quite rare and expensive washi tapes! I covered the company name who gave this as a Christmas token. This cardholder is made from T’nalak in Lake Sebu, Zamboanga.
Another ‘meaningful use’ of washi tapes is to cover coffee leaves so that you’ll be motivated to reuse them and to cover/prettify a defective/old CD to serve as coasters.
Useful indeed!


If you follow my post, you’ll know that I absolutely love making bookmarks. This craft serves as my warm-up. Made up of washi tapes and cartons from milk scoops which I have so many of.

This is a styrofore from our DVD player. I wanted to turn it into book stopper but I find the hole interesting so I just turned it into a display. Washified the sides and put some nice pics from It’s More Fun in the Philippines free brochure and a coral at the center. With a vison to make something not only beautiful but USEFUL, I put the popsicle sticks on top. Now, it houses my washi tapes. Perfect for one of my mottos: Easy to see. Easy to use.

From an empty box of chocolate (which again I have plenty of). I decided to turn it into an accessory organizer. With the help of old bouquet wrappers and pretty magazine cut-outs and/or stickers, I now have a store-like display for my accessories. Easy to see. Easy to use.

And another one for my earrings. I put a left-over ribbon to hold my earrings.

As you have probably noticed, everything I do as of today require no sweat! Very easy and uncomplicated. I’m looking forward to do more and to do better in the future. Easy level in the meantime and let’s upgrade one step at a time. Do you also like crafting and DIYs?  I heard Pinterest offers vast ideas for this. Share your insights, will you? And let’s make this world a better, greener and cleaner place! 🙂

Happy Friday, our much-awaited day! 


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