♥ Let Me Take You to the Outer Space ♥

This is a feel-good Friday… something I have not enjoyed for quite some time except of course to the forever-happy-fact that this is the last day of my work-week. Anyway, I’m gonna give you a li’l trivia about me. One of my interests which nobody knows (but I’m letting you all know now!) and seems a little far from my profession with numbers or obvious interests like crafting, books and movies, IS SCIENCE! Not science, science meaning gravity, force, physics and worst chemistry. What I mean to say is as far as the outer space, yep, ASTRONOMY.

You guessed it right, when I was a kiddo, I dreamt of becoming an astronaut and always play/act to be one, maneuvering an spacecraft in the galaxies and universe. hehe I love reading but mostly looking (pics of) at black holes, outer space photos, constellations, planets, supernovas, meteors and the likes.

So this feel-good Friday, let me take you to the outer space… at least from these infographics from SPACE.COM!

Through infinity and beyond….
I hope I didn’t bore you. I just can’t stop posting these. I’m grateful to the emergence of INFOGRAPHICS. They are indeed useful, visually attractive, attention grabber and most importantly, easy to understand or pick up the juiciest info. Thanks to whoever invented it! Don’t you just love them too? One of these days, I wanna make my own infographics, as to what topic, I still don’t know yet. 🙂
Happy Friday!
P.S. Thanks SPACE.COM Great website!

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