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♥ Dear Santa 2014 ♥

Dear Santa 2014,

I know that it’s Papa Jesus’ birthday but I hope you won’t find it too much if I send you my short wish list for Christmas, after all I’m heading on my 30th as well and I’ve been a BUSY (pretty good too) mommy for the last 2 years that I barely had any decent time for personal shopping. (Thank goodness for online stores!) Shall we start discussing my humble requests then!? 🙂

Baking stuff.

This one is from an online store, cashcashpinoy. I recently rekindled my passion for baking. And baking as a hobby is quite expensive, so every flour, sugar and egg counts. Baking peripherals like liners and stands are also very much welcome. How wonderful it is to bake homemade goodies for my kids! (Okay, so let’s first leave my babies out of this post.) 


As you have probably noticed, I am a crafty person and I can just imagine how many beautiful crafts I could be making with these colorful buttons! See Santa, I’m just a simple girl with simple wants.

Crafting not only stirs my imagination and creativity, it also relaxes and revitalizes my brain and body. It has a calming and inspiring effect to me too. 


I am always up and open for surprises, changes and new beginnings for 2015.

Crepe papers.

Another crafty person’s happiness are crepe papers. After the washi craze, I believe crepe-crafting is the next big thing in the craftworld. With these, I will make beautiful decorations and flowers for my daughter’s birthday next year so I’m gonna need a lot, as in a lot! (ooops, there I go again, mentioning my baby). See inspiring project below.

Hard disk.

This one is a long overdue must-have. My laptop is already in RED warning for storage capacity and I just need to back-it all up before it crashes. All the thousands of photos, mementos and file are worth the amount of a good quality hard disk.

Felt papers.

Craft material again, yes. With colorful felt papers, one could make banners and buntings and what-nots. I also plan to make some patches for scrapbooking and other DIY projects. See inspiration below.


In times of nationwide power supply crisis, a ‘powerful’ power bank is a necessity. Not only to recharge my Wi-Fi routers and smartphones but more importantly for our USB fans which are to be used by my little ones. (Last time I’m gonna mention my kids, promise!)


Being a mom qualifies me to receive a good planner. No, I don’t necessarily need one from Starbucks (but thank you so much if you’ll throw me one) nor a girly BDJ (though I’m secretly craving for that). What I need is a good, sturdy, bright-colored, with monthly pages planner. It’s nice to have a moleskine one and lots of spare pages for my kids’ doodles (Did I just mention my kids again?). If it has quotes and bible verses, the better. 

Tiny sewing machine.

I want to take my homemaking power to the next level and that is to machine-solved any clothes mishaps. I am also looking forward to execute my idea for headgears for my kids. I can’t wait for Claring and I to have some mother-daughter bonding through dressing up her barbie/dolls!

Caligraphy 101

Who wouldn’t be in love with a penmanship ala-Rizal!? I have a soft spot for these kind of writing since my elementary years. I even did a hand-written 50-page project once, with an ink and ballpoint. I may have the basic tools but not the basic knowledge which I wish to aquire and learn from a graphic book on this subject.

Santa, my list is good already for the whole month of December which includes my birthday, just so you know and to prove I’m not a greedy one. For my 30th I just want to enjoy the best pizza available (hopefully unlimited and yes I’m not greedy, except maybe with pizza).

Economical printer.

I need to print the best photos of my babies from time to time. I have so many in line already and this busy mom of 2 just couldn’t squeeze a trip to a printing shop into her schedule (let’s abandon my promise now). Lots of labels are waiting to be printed as well.


Need I explain more Santa? If you couldn’t box one for me, just help me pray for the ability to make and manage time properly. A time to sleep, relax, study, craft, enjoy a movie, bake, date, taste the food, purge, clean the house, pamper my self, do a make-up, dress-up, shop, write, go to the beach, paint our house and wash my shoes.

And if that’s all too much, then just a little more time to love and bless others and some more to create beautiful memories with my loved ones (playtime, cuddling and conversations).


Santa dear, I hope you hear me. No one is too old for Christmas, right? I still pray deep inside for world-peace but I guess it won’t hurt to think and love myself too so that I can pay it forward. 

PS: If no one’s willing to be your aid for my case, you can always count on me. I am available! 🙂

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