♥ Resolutions. Goals. Bucket-list. ♥

I do not usually brag about my birthday, so bear with me please just this time as I give quite a hype on my 30th. I just feel like it’s really a clear milestone for me and I feel like I’ve never been into a better position than today.

As seemingly proper, I am currently drafting my gratitude list but I thought of evaluating first how did I fare with my first hit-list or what you may know as bucket-list, that I have launched last 2011. Here’s my colorful recap (in a screenshot):

That was a 13/34 (38.24%) success rate (not so bad!), 2 in-process and another 2 are due this coming 2015. The rest will either be strike-out due to changes in my personal preferences or will have to take the back-seat for other important matters.

Now, in celebration of my birthday, Christmas as well as New Year, I am giving my hit-list not just a new look (graphic) but a complete overhaul to make it SMARTER.

S – Specific & Simple
M – Manageable
A – Attainable
R – Realistic
T – Time-bound
E – Economical
R – Road-mapped

In 2011, I had 34 items to be ticked off and they were randomly arranged, right now I am grouping them into 6 main boxes and I will try my very best to keep them at the minimum. Wish me luck! So far, here’s what I come-up with.

Group 1 is composed of my 2015 main goals which  are urgent, specific, time-bound and very attainable. The key word here is SPECIFIC.

Group 2 has a time-frame of not more than 5 years. These are also specific, attainable and more manageable targets. Only, it will need proper planning and a concrete road-map in order to succeed.

Group 3 is for the habits I want to form in 2015 by incorporating them in my daily routine or by marking my monthly calendar for them.

Group 4 is made up of my simple wishes. These are things, mostly fun which I could easily do if only I have more free time. By simple, I also mean economical.

Group 5 is more like my DREAMBOARD. In here are  my wildest and broadest dreams in life. These are the things which I still need to figure out how to convert into some measurable goals.

Group 6, the last group is for my one-time wishes. These are the things I would be happy about if I’d be able to do or experience them even for just one time.

And now, for the fun part, the graphic presentation…

New Year is just around the corner, I’m guessing many of you will reevaluate your life-plan again and compose once more a new list. A resolution, for the thing you want to change, a list of goals for specific matters you want to achieve next year and a bucket-list for the things you want to do or experience in your lifetime. Tip: Mixing the 3 of them is quite a headache. Learn from me and now, off you go. Good luck!

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