♥ Smartphone for my 30th ♥

I bought a smartphone out of my Christmas Bonus.
Wait, you there, don’t be too quick to judge me. First, I did not spend my whole bonus for a gadget. Second, I did not buy an iPhone 6 or Samsung note, just a decent one that could serve my purpose. Lastly, this is only the 2nd or 3rd time I bought a phone for myself since the Nokia 5110 generation. Oh and also, I almost forgot, I gave my husband my Samsung tab because he needs a BIG one for his vision problems and yes I just want to give myself some material joy from my hard-earned money. I find it better than loaning money to people who do not know how to pay you back even if they have the means already or being money-fooled by people you’ve trusted. Anyway, let’s just stick to my new phone.
No, I am not going to give a technical review here. That is not my territory. All I can tell you is that mine is quad core, dual sim, 1gbRAM, Kitkat 4.4, Android, 8mp rear cam and 5mp front cam and I find its price reasonable for my intended use.
So, why exactly did I buy a smartphone? I definitely did not buy mine just to keep up with the trends or to have something brand-new or even to just celebrate my birthday or the holidays. My reasons are quite long actually. I bought a smartphone…
♡ Because my (hand-me-down) iphone4 is crashing all the time and it is too small for blogging.
♡ I said it, I am going to use my new bigger phone for blogging and reading NEWS (not e-books, I am still an avid fan of ole crisp brown paper).
♡ Photo edits are way easier in a phone as compared to opening Adobe Photoshop in laptop or desktop. 
♡ No matter how much I want to write/type on my laptop or be traditional with pen and paper, a mom of 2 just does not have time alone for herself. The only thing I could hold while say, breastfeeding my baby is a phone. And I believe that a good cook is a good cook regardless of the kitchen.
♡ Smartphones have become a great aid for my spiritual fix with daily devotions and online Bible.
♡ Its camera has multiple uses too, from the quick scan of documents and announcements to capturing the everyday cuteness of my babies. Have you tried “Google Goggles”? 
♡ You can download some real great and useful applications (not just cool games, btw, games are banned on my new phone) just like “Expensify” and “Expense Manager”.
♡ It’s not every day that I can bring a bulky planner so a digital back-up is perfect.
♡ On-line banking! How convenient it is to pay bills on-line and how inspiring it is to see your growing savings and investments.
♡ As part of my 2015 main goal of doubling my investment, I need to monitor the Stock Market.
♡ I intend to take investing and financial planning more seriously and my first step is to create portfolios like what’s shown below and I did it with my phone apps “3d Chart”.
♡ I can store loads of digital recipes here as weĺl.
I may sound like I’m justifying my splurge and maybe I do but I am really happy with my purchase and I know to myself that I’m gonna have a meaningful use of it. I hope I won’t be wrong though but even if I turn out to be mistaken, I’ll just think of the many times I put first in my budget the wrong purposes and people. At least with this one, I’m clear to what purpose should it serve me. 
How about you? What’s your take on gadget shopping? 🙂

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