♥ Hacking Happiness ♥

I’ve come across a post today about the supposed to be “best feelings” in the world. Not that I disagree, in fact I absolutely think so too that, that list consists of the best feelings ever. What I cleverly think of is if one could actually forge those “best feelings” and guess what, we can, and I have actually done a few. Read on my top 4, for all you know, you may need them one day.
Why not do what I usually did in college, I set my alarm 1 hour before the real wake-up time. That way, I was able to endure with great joy the minutes before the wake-up time. It was like an awareness that the sleep-joy will soon be finished so you must love every next second. I think that’s what makes this period special, knowing it will come to an end so every tick of the clock matters and you get to appreciate every bit of the second. Enjoy while it lasts!
There is only one hack for this and that is to like the person who likes you already! Simple as that. 🙂
Before you get to know if someone is actually happy because of you, you have  to do something first to make that someone happy. That way, you increased your chance for this best feeling by 50%, all you need to wait for is the other person’s appreciation. First things first.
I used to be a “yes-person”, who secretly prays for the opposite to happen. Understandably, we do not want the burden of guilt or be the “kill joy” friend who causes the cancellations, but believe you me, saying a sincere and firm no to things you really do not like will do you more good in the long run. One, it’s liberating. Two, it’s just being honest and honesty is good for relationships and it will eventually pull you closer to the people whose interests and values are similar to yours while keeping you distant from the rest.
I hope you’ve been amused. I intentionally listed only 4 ’cause it’s a number dear to me. THE MAIN POINT OF THIS POST IS THAT WE CAN MAKE OPPORTUNITIES FOR OURSELVES TO EXPERIENCE THE BEST FEELINGS IN THE WORLD. We do not have to sit around and wait for Happiness to say hi to us. Not only we can create an independent happiness but we can also open doors (and even windows) for it.
Have a happy weekend. Stay positive and be on the look-out for the blissful opportunities.

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