Project: Full Life

♥ I’m a queen at 30 ♥

Why not? I have a little prince charming, a beautiful baby princess, and a wise king. Those are enough to make me a happy and grateful queen (at 30).
Sometimes, I find it hard to compose a “Gratitude List”, not because I cannot think of any or I have a high level of contentment and satisfaction but because I am grateful for too many things in life, too many, that one post won’t be able to cover.
But since it’s my special day, I will share with you the general (or I can be specific too) things I am grateful for (first things that pop up my mind kind of list), from the simplest to the grandest. 
1. I am thankful for being alive and well. And this covers every person I hold dear in my heart (family and friends). Specifically, also, I am thankful for the safe delivery of my daughter this year.
2. I am grateful for our financial capacity. We’re still far from an absolute financial freedom but as a family, I’m glad we’re all together working on that. We meet our obligations, eat when we’re hungry, have a home, kids get vaccinated, help others and can even spend some for pleasure. 
3. My sustained enthusiasm for spiritual growth, which I believe comes from the Holy One, is one thing I am most grateful about. The journey is still very long for me but I believe that as long as I have the desire, I still have hope and what I need now is to map and take concrete steps to further my journey. Also, I pray for consistency, for without it, initial efforts can easily go down the drain.
4. For all the unquantifiable things I am blessed with, I give many thanks. For the confidence, I’ve finally gathered, for the undying dreams and aspirations and for the opportunities given to me (even if I seldom recognize nor jump at them). Thank you for not letting go of me, my Dreams, thank you for not giving up on me, Chances and thank you for re-introducing yourself to me, Confidence.
I purposely listed only 4 items because it’s a number so dear to me but it’s worthy to mention that I’m also grateful for the love, joy, and peace, God showers me with every single day of my life through the people who surround me. I’m grateful I still have my healthy parents and parent-likes with me. Materially, I’m more than happy with all the baking stuff purchases I made this year. Lastly, I’m grateful for all the blessings which make me feel like a happy and grateful queen at 30 (by MY OWN TERMS and DEFINITION).

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