Family Bliss

♥ The Antagonist Mom ♥

A little break from the Holiday vibes and a short entry to our ‘Blissful Mom’ diary. One thing I was not prepared for is to have less cuddle and tickle time with my son. I never thought that there will come a time that the little boy I used to cradle in my arms and who used to shower me with smile, sweetness and kisses would one day throw a tantrum at me, cry and be angry at me. Before, we’re inseparable but now, he does not mind my absence anymore and he even runs away from me! It breaks my heart every time I have to play the role of the “Antagonist Mom’. But I guess, the only person in the world who is best suited for this job (the antagonist) is no other than a mother who has a genuine care and endless love for her children.

Maybe, this is how my son sees me. My only prayer is that one day, he’ll understand and love me for doing all these for him. (Sorry for my awful artwork!) All the positive notes are either hidden or in small, light font. Maybe I should make it as bold as the ones below. I’ll think of how to do that in the days to come and I’ll sure share it here again. You know how it is with kids. They’re already off before you finish a word.

At the moment, I am the disciplinarian because everyone else is an enabler (lola, aunties, daddy). I’m the one who calls for toothbrush-time, nap-time, eating-time, bed-time and everything else that has ‘time’ in it. I cut-off his play time. I tell him not to fight with girls. I stop him from dangerous acts. I am the face of powder, oil, towel, clean diapers, pajamas, medicines and vitamins. All of which he is fond of running away from. I’m the one who tells him to lower his voice and listen to my reading and singing (can’t blame him for not listening to my songs, though. hehe). Admittedly, as a mom I am the face of prohibition, limitations, rules and all uncool stuff. Not by choice but by necessity. As I have said, no one WANTS this ‘important role’ so I must take charge.
So for the time being, I have to settle myself in being the ‘not-so-cool’ mommy (or it isn’t just for the time being?).

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