♥ Relive The Moments ♥

This is a “better-late-than-never” post, my way to celebrate me and my husband’s 4th wedding anniversary weeks ago.

To start of, here are 4 of my favorite moments of us together during travels which thankfully, were captured by cameras:

First travel together. Puerto Princesa, Palawan @ Star Fish Island

4th Honeymoon Destination. Mambukal Falls. Bacolod (TP)

First adventure together. ATV ride around Chocolate Hills. Carmen, Bohol

First Travel Abroad. Mount Ruapeho. New Zealand.

And ofcourse, our wedding day with our angels.

Our anniversary fell into one of the Papal Visit days, hence it’s a holiday in Metro Manila. Due to that, we decided to take advantage of the situation and went to a nearby province in the North to pay our RPT (Real Property Tax) and tried to address some title issues with some government offices there who were not on holiday. 

Given that it’s hard to deal with government offices here in our country, we went from one office to the other, and another. Let’s not try to go there (dealing with Government Agencies) but the good thing was, we had an impromptu little road-trip going from one place to another. And all of sudden, I’ve regained all the emotions I was once filled with, back when we were still active travelers. I remember keeping several e-tickets on my office drawer, taking it out whenever I’m bombarded with work, flying almost every month, planning land trips left and right and browsing every travel blog, hoping to find both inspiration and practical tips.

Once again, I feel the thirst for adventure and discoveries. The feeling I had while staring at deep blue sees, tall brown maintains and endless green fields. I tried to cheat myself by viewing thousands of our travel photos which were taken all through the years, however, I was not able to feel the same emotion I was longing for. Yes, it did make me happy looking back although sometimes I feel insecure with my old figure and after viewing them I feel some loneliness for not being able to do it now. Also, the more I realized that I really do miss it – wandering in an unfamiliar territory, being surprised by its loveliness.

Being stressed out with work and house-chores, I felt it was time to do something that would make me and our marriage feel good and happy, something that would recharge and re-energize us all. So, I planned a one day trip to a southern province. Inspired by a post in Facebook, my husband and I went to the City of Seven Lakes, San Pablo City, Laguna. We were not able to finish the 7 lakes since we were only there for one whole Saturday. Nonetheless, the experience was a blissful one. Truly we have relived our best moments as lovers not as just partners.

Maybe you’re asking what’s the relation between our anniversary and reliving the moments. Well, one important thing which I’ve learned about marriage is that, husbands and wives should relive their boyfriend and girlfriend days. Even Pope Francis mentioned that during his encounter with Filipino families.

It is necessary especially for those who already have kids because there is a great and fast tendency for a couple to lose their intimacy and end up feeling trapped in a partnership of raising kids but not a home, and definitely not a family, because moms and dads are part of families that need to be raised as well. And by definition relive means:

Meriam Webster

However, when you’re stressed, it becomes hard for the brain to produce creative and romantic imaginations. The best way I could think of to relive such blissful moments is to redo it. Now, it doesn’t have to be exactly like the old days. As responsible parents, we cannot and we will not of course travel once a month without our kids, but a once in a while couple time, probably once a year travel, that we know would boost our marriage is I think fair enough.  

The long bus trip was good enough for us to have some catching up about each others lives plus we were able to watch a movie without interruption. We were able to truly taste and enjoy every bite of our meals, since we need not to hurry because we have no fussy or hungry kids on our sides. We had quiet time sipping our hot coffee and tea while having ‘real conversation’, talking and listening to each other only. We were able to unite with Nature again. We let God’s creations nourish our whole beings just by staring at the nearby clean lake and letting the cool and fresh breeze touch our face. We observed people and businesses. Retiring at such place even crossed our minds. What a lovely sight, what a lovely day in our busy/busier lives. There’s a whole lot more than Metro Manila! We did not let the day pass without visiting the place’s Cathedral.

Sampalok Lake.

Sinugno (Grilled Tilapia in Coconut Milk), Bulalo, Turon, Fried Halo-Halo

Sampalok Lake (top). Saint Paul Cathedral

It was a successful day for our personal lives, for our marriage and for our family. One day may be a short time but for the sheer quality of every minute spent, it was enough. It is possible and it is necessary to relive part of your boyfriend-girlfriend lives. It will remind you of how much you two love each other, why you got married and it will set your priorities straight.

An excerpt from my just-finished read, affirming my belief of what truly matters in life, The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho.

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