♥ A Diligent Worker Like Joseph ♥

I was thinking of what’s next to share as part of my Lenten reflection and topics such as Hope, Comfort and Humility came up my mind. However, I thought it was best not to rush writing just for the sake of coming out of something. Instead, I prayed to God to direct me on my next reflection. I believe that he told me to observe and be mindful of my environment and from there pick up something which touches my heart or pokes my interest in one way or another. He told me to write something that truly has meaning to me.

So I did. I was manning the ingress of one of our  company’s shows. At the back of the event’s place, one will see all the behind-the-scenes of an excellent show. All the dirt, dust, sweat and blood of the people behind the show, the organizers, contractors and participants who make up the show. But focusing on the behind-the-scenes, one thing will stand out and that is, people working, really working hard.

Even before, I always get fascinated by hardworking people. In this case, I’m truly fascinated with the laborers and contractors who earn probably a minimum wage, sans job security, proper work gears and health and social insurances. Without prejudice to business owners, I also admire a few of them who try their best to keep their businesses running not just for profits but also for their employees. 

Pondering about my admiration to hard workers, especially the elders, I conclude that it is because I regard them as people who are diligent and dignified. Hands up to people who work hard to earn for their living. I have nothing but utmost respect and admiration to those who opt to put their hands into good works in order to feed their families and provide them with shelter, clothing and education too. 

During ingress, I particularly saw and admire old men with crinkled and rough skin and gray hairs do the dirty works of a world-class exhibition, like carrying heavy loads of cargos from the trucks to the booths inside. I saw them push and pull with their bare hands boxes of items, furniture  and heavy metals. I saw them drank litters of waters and eat their baons (indeed with more rice than viand). I saw them sweaty and tired. I saw how much they work hard for the money they will give their loved ones, therefore I saw how much they love their families. They chose this work over easy-money crimes some men prefer because there is dignity in hard and honest work. 

One day, I hope my children will also see how much my husband and I love them through our work. We work because we love. And where there is love, there is God.

Maybe that’s why Joseph was chosen to be Mary’s husband and Jesus’ father figure, because he’s a diligent worker. He exemplifies what a father on earth should be. He’s the image God has given to all men to follow or imitate as a family man. There is indeed a reason why God has chosen the responsible, the worker Joseph aside from the fact that he is from the line of David. 

I pray to God to bless all the diligent workers of the world and may He not put me into a test which was given to the old hardworking men I just witnessed. More than pity because of their working condition and lack of just pay and benefits, I admire them for their continuos hard work out of love and for them to live in honest ways. I pray that they get the help they need and that they would one day fulfill their missions. Now, I also offer my work to God. And may I always be reminded of these humble old men whenever I get grumpy and cranky inside my air-conditioned office. 

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