Family Bliss

♥ There’s A Balance In 2 ♥

What it’s like to be a mother of 2 (with less than 2 years of age gap)?:
MOM of 2

I was a first time mom,
clueless on what’s to come.
Over-protectiveness was my stance,
can leave nothing by chance.

Slight fever, cold or cough,
hell worried I was, so tough.
Did not know what was right,
every germ caused me fright.

But now that they are two,
I know exactly what to do.
Worrying has become less,
protective still, but with some rest.

Relaxed and calm.
More space for some fun.
Less sickness, more happiness.
Cool with surprises and mess.

With 2 babies in tow.
We can surpass any blow.
Doubled joy and blessings.
Not to forget praising & praying. 


When I became a first time mom, I was a worrier of everything. I was worried it might rain or get too hot or polluted when we go out. I was worried his sweat might cool off on his back. I was worried in everything he puts in his mouth. I was worried with every slight cough, fever and cold. In effect, I leave nothing by chance. I booked transportation when we don’t have a car. I always bring too many bottles, formula and diapers. I always bring big umbrellas and rain coats. I always bring all sorts of oil, cream, soap, powder, thermometer, anti-histamines and paracetamol. I bring too many clothes and too many baby stuff even for just a trip to the mall. 

So when I found out I was pregnant with baby no. 2, right after my firstborn’s 1st birthday, I could not imagine how to be a mom of 2. And so I prayed hard.

Time, maternal instincts and an abundance of God’s grace have taken over me ever since. I’m still protective but not as over and as strict as before. I allow sweets now, in moderation of course. I no longer fret with every dirt, bite and sweat but I still maintain their hygiene. I do not over react anymore and get worried for days and nights. I just take the next necessary action and live on, taking one day at a time. I have accepted the fact that once we go out, it might rain or get too hot or even polluted, meaning, there are matters which are way beyond my control. I don’t change clothes or diapers as often as before when we’re out of the house. I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore, instead I make the most of each moment I spend with them. With baby no. 2, I’ve become more tolerant and the return is less stress, more happiness. Surprisingly, less sickness for my babies too. (Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers!) Yes, it’s double the cost and the responsibilities but it also multiplies not just by 2 the amount of laughter, joy, faith and meaning of our lives.
I have realized that I cannot lock my eyes on them 24/7, so I must teach them how to face the outside world on their own. As a mom, I have to ready them to live in our  world. As I said, we do not and cannot control everything. Worrying is good only because it reminds me to pray but to worry too much especially after praying is just a waste of time and energy. Lastly, I realized that though it’s my job to protect them, to be overly protective and strict, to a point of blocking happy memories, good times, positive explorations and new experiences is never good for them. 
Indeed, 2 is a balance number . When I had two kids, I finally got the balance of motherhood. And it did not divide my heart, it expands it to accommodate 2 bundles 🙂

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