Project: Full Life


Introducing a new section in my blog: The Blissful Tales. “Blissful Tales” are anecdotes and possibly short rhymes based from my personal life which have made me reconnect with my soul one way or another. I sincerely hope they connect to yours as well.

As a child, I was taught by my mother to call for Saint Anthony’s help whenever I lose something or need to find something. I’m good at safe-keeping my things so I don’t often call out for St. Anthony’s help. But there’s always an exemption and in my case, it’s for my jewelries. The few times I remember asking for Saint Anthony’s assistance was for my lost/misplaced jewelries. Most of the time I must say (but not all the time), I get a positive answer. I believe it’s effective.

The experiences I had before were clearly due to misplacement and carelessness. But last night, it was almost a miracle. At 12 midnight, I woke up to brush my teeth and wash-up for the night. (I can no longer do my night routine early because of my breastfeeding duties.) I often take off my rings (wedding & engagement) and hang it somewhere in our bathroom. That midnight, I was surprised to see that I was not wearing them. What’s even more surprising is that, I cannot recall anything about my rings that day. So, I reviewed my day. Nothing. I looked everywhere in the house, including the garbage. Nothing. I asked everyone else in the house. Nothing. Usually, I would remember where I’ve put them or when was the last time I see them. In this case, I don’t remember anything. 

As my energy and brain power started to dwindle, my faith kicked in, as if it’s the last strand of hope I could hold on to. I sincerely called out to St. Anthony to help me pray to God, to show me where my rings are. They are important to me not only because of their value but because they are my husband’s gifts to me. (Every year he gets me a ring for my birthday, for 8 straight years now.) I’m afraid he’ll stop the gift tradition once I lose my rings.

That’s how faith works, I realized. It’s the last thing we rely on in times of our self-dependence and it’s the first thing we embrace the moment we can no longer count on ourselves. Not because we treat it as our last resort but because we believe faith will never let us down. When all else fail, it’s the one which gives us hope and makes us believe in something far greater than our human understanding and capacity. Faith introduces us to miracles. Faith when right and strong, breaks all impossibilities.

That night, I had faith with what my mother has taught me. I had faith with Saint Anthony and I had faith that God exists and He’ll favor my and the saint’s prayer. My husband called on me because our tiny one had awaken. I cradled her for a few seconds and lie her down on her side of the bed. And you guessed it right, in her pillow, I found resting are my rings. I don’t remember taking it off. I have never done that, putting my rings on the bed! And I would never do such for my baby’s safety (she might swallow it!). My conclusion, it’s a miracle of faith!

I have thought about it only now but I hope he helps me pray too so I can find my self, my dreams, my vocation and my passion. I’m starting tonight.

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