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♥ The Best Mother ♥

It has been a week since we celebrated Mother’s Day. My sisters and I treat our mother to a shopping spree, an overight stay at a hotel and a lunch of her choice. We ofcourse posted our celebration in our social media accounts. Like us, many other people have gone out to different social media platforms in order to pay tribute, honor and greet their mothers. As my newsfeed was flooded with Motherly posts, I’ve noticed one thing, that ALL claim to have the best mother, ever.

What then is the “best mother”? Is there a criteria to meet, some kind of a standard or image to imitate? Are single moms the best moms? How about those who are successfully juggling their careers or businesses and family life? The moms who have done an ultimate sacrifice of choosing to be a full-time, stay at home mom instead of pursuing their personal dreams are considered best too. Ironically, those sacrificing by working overseas are the best as well. Are the kindest moms the best or those who fight for their children? The coolest moms, the smartest, the richest? But even the (seemingly) average moms are considered the best too by their children.

I conclude that being the best mom has nothing to do with one’s superficial achievements. It is never about the beauty, good genes, massive wealth, cool career, great wisdom, clean clothes, big house, nice car, huge allowance and intelligence. It is all about love and care. No matter what your status is, you could be the best mom because the only requirement to be the best mom is for your children to feel and experience your unconditional love for them. Therefore, the best mom title is free for all. Don’t try too hard. Claim your title now. To love and care unconditionally do not cost a grand.

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