♥ June Stress Almost Over ♥

The past weeks have been very stressful primarily because of the start of school (and as of this writing, due to the dreaded audit season and the never-ending curse on my career, which is to be the OIC of an OIC without a pay-raise, tsk.). Anyway, back to the main cause of my stress which is the start of school, no, my kids do not go to schools yet. It’s the daily commute to and from the office that exhausts every patience and goodwill I have in me. Train or taxis (with or without booking fee) broke all my nerves in the morning and in the evening too.

One thing I realized is that, stress really could cost us our health and possibly shorter life span. If this routine goes on, I’ll be crazy! Another thing which I’ve noticed in this ordeal is that, I (or maybe we) intend to release my stress by “stressing out” other people, usually my ever patient husband. I therefore need an outlet for my everyday stress and ideally, not a living person.

On a spiritual note, I sometimes ask why God won’t answer my simple prayers like, to please send me a taxi or a skip-train. I got my bitter answer for that. It’s because only adversities bring me closer to Him. It’s a shame to admit that I only remember Him whenever I need something. Maybe that’s why He lately always put me in situations where I’ll be needing Him so much, like out of my control circumstances. So now, I’m trying to cultivate a new habit and that is to remember Him the most (through praying and praising) during the happiest times. That way, He’ll always shower me with happy days for me to get closer to Him. I’m sure I could not trick the Big Man like that. I know that He knows what I’m up to. Nonetheless, I believe that He’ll understand and consider His child (that’s me).

Despite being ingrate and forgetful at times, God still does not fail to make me feel His love for me. Imagine, just this week, I received 3 great news! Should I let my stress rule over and overshadow all my blessings? I don’t think so. May the Holy Spirit guide my eyes to see, and my heart to feel, all the good things that surround me despite bumps on the roads. Almost always, the things and people I’m blessed with outweigh all hardships and problems I experience.

NEW MANTRA: Pray hard on tough times. Pray hardest on good times.

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