Project: Full Life

♥ The Minimalist ♥

I own an awful lot of things, well, those too many small-value possessions which have been lying around our home and our rooms like forever. Sometimes, it gets too messy or cluttered (my space) but then, if I try to store them away, there’s a great possibility of me forgetting all about them. I am such a sucker for memorabilia and souvenirs. I love sales, samples and freebies, who doesn’t? I love everything and anything cute and colorful. I’ve always been proud to having inherited my fondness of knick-knacks (abubot) from my maternal grandfather (RIP: Tatay Atong) but with pressing OC-ness, storage and value-for-money issues, I realized I gotta cut back on my materialism in order to achieve a clutter-free, well-organized and more peaceful life. A life which is more welcoming to receive new and bolder blessings.

Imagine, this decade old diary is still with me. I re-read the entries and I don’t think it’s worth-keeping. All those heartbreaks! 🙂

I know it is possible because years ago, I tried to migrate in the Oceania Region. Unfortunately (or maybe not so?), it was during the Great Recession which affected countries across the world. So after a few months I came back home without my 6 huge balikbayan boxes which I have shipped there beforehand. Those 6 boxes contain a lot of my life, a lot of me, that’s what I thought. Sure they have my prized possessions, things I thought I could never leave behind or can never live without. They include my top choices of clothes, shoes and bags, my favorite books, TITANIC books, a printer, first Havaianas (first editions – which are the best!), pens, stationery collection and many more, which I honestly already forgot. 

I had one big realization though, THAT I can actually live without most of my material possessions. It’s a revelation too THAT I can live with less, a lot less from what I currently own. If I did it then, I can still do it now.

I once read some wise words (from a wise man? hehe sorry, I already forgot who the author was and his exact words , but it goes something like this…) that every material possession that a person owns has a spirit and it takes up a space in our lives. With accumulation and time of not using them, they become stagnant spirits of our lives and in order for new blessings to come into us, we have to let them go and be useful again. Logically, we have to free-up some space for greater things in life by letting go of things and persons which/who no longer serve us their purpose. Good things will not come or even if they do, we cannot possibly receive them if we cannot provide them with some space. To attract greatness and blessings, we must learn to de-clutter and open-up corners of our lives.
I decided to be pro-active about this again. I guess, grandpa won’t mind. The last straw that made me decide to do something about my small-value possessions is the fact that I own 9 lipsticks (for this year alone)! I only have one lips, you know! That is to consider that I am just a 9-5 financial geek who’s usually facing the desktop on weekdays and a full-time mom on weekends. I’m not even fond of putting lip tints on ordinary days and while I put on during office days, I still get lazy to re-apply them the rest of the day. Oftentimes, I put them in the morning and that’s it. So, surely, this geek doesn’t need 9 lip tints! I don’t think I’ll be able to use them up, all 9 of them, even my whole life! As I said, that was the last straw and I need to do something about it. What follows is my concrete plan for the rest of the year:

  • For a starter, I’m giving my sister 3 of my lipsticks. That will leave me with 6 that I actually use and love. I’ll probably need to apply more often to make my purchase more sulit.
  • Next, by hook or by crook, I need to re-start my long overdue purging duties. I have about 8 bags waiting for my decision. I’ll start with the back issues of magazines.
  • Manage my on-line and impulse shopping. I cut one of my credit cards, I’m crossing my fingers. I hope it helps.
  • Allot budget for my personal wants. Yes, because that way I am avoiding to splurge which is what happened to me when I deprived myself from shopping. Remember: DEPRIVATION leads to SPLURGING.
  • Stand by my rule: If something goes in, one must go out! (Especially apply to clothes, shoes and bags.)
  • Financially, there is such thing as storage costs and that I should be mindful of value-for-money principle, even the ROI formula.
  • Remember NZ. It will always remind me of the truth that I can live with less material possessions, more happiness, new blessings and fuller heart.
Wish me luck on this endeavour! I’m still fighting a horrible flu but what the heck, it’s weekend! Happy weekend!

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