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♥ What’s Inside My Bag? – Blissful Moms Edition ♥

Hi there blissful mommies! Do you always feel bag-challenged when you get out of the house with your kid/s? Even if it’s just a pasyal in the mall, we sometimes find it difficult to decide on what, or how much of something is to bring, especially when we’re going to commute. As parents, we would like to make sure that we got everything covered. It is normal to feel the need to have with us or in our bags anything our kid/s might need while we’re away from home.

However, it’s good to remember that every parent is different. What works for one might not work for others. And every experienced parent would know that we establish our own system, rules and checklist based on our children’s needs, age and behavior. Since we have different kids as well, the things we have in our bags are different from other parents too. Some bring toys, others do not, my self included. 

We always read and see on all kinds of medium what’s inside our favorite celebrities’ bags. Why not we too take a peek at a mommy’s or daddy’s bag! Let’s start right here, right now!

Everything I put in my bag are essentials. And oh, I rarely use a diaper/kiddie bag. I put my kids’ stuff on my own bag. Starting of with the basic, I have a medium pouch for their diapers and toiletries (oil, liquid soap, bug spray, rash ointment and powder – all in travel sizes or smaller). Depending on how long we’re planning to stay out of the house, I bring at least two, or one diaper for every 5 hours. Same goes for milk bottles and formula. Another medium-sized pouch contains at least 2 towels/towelettes, given our tropical weather. My kids especially my son often sweats profusely. I also put there at least a pair of clothes for them for just in case scenarios.

Now, I’m letting you see what’s inside my bag aside from diapers and milk!

  1. Food-safe sanitizers to keep their hands germ-free and food -ready.
  2. Biscuits to instantly keep them busy, especially my one-year old daughter while the Mister and I finish our meals. Biscuits or any food ready to munch makes me not to worry that they’d be hungry just in case we get stranded somewhere or stuck in traffic maybe.
  3. Battery-operated fan! Because we live in a humid tropical country and my kids especially my son sweats too much. I found these really helpful when we went to Antipolo church one time.
  4. Citronella sprays. Bugs and mosquitoes are everywhere. It is better safe and comfortable than sorry and itchy.
  5. Unscented wet wipes. For emergencies and not-so emergencies like wiping those nose, those push carts and even restaurant tables.
  6. Medicines. Just a small bottle of paracetamol and antihistamine. They bring me tons of peace of mind.
  7. As I said awhile ago, I do not bring toys when we go out. I do not want them to be dependent on them. What I want is for them to feel that they are not in our house. I want us to have a new lovely experience while away from home. But, I bring them small notebooks and markers. The markers must be washable so that I need not to worry if they accidentally write on their clothes, their hands or even in the chairs or wall establishments because they could easily be wiped out by the wet wipes. I personally love the Art Attack washable markers I brought from national Bookstore, years ago. Unfortunately, I could no longer find one of the same size today.
  8. For my personal needs, I stick to the bare minimum. Haha. A small mirror, a rice poweder, a cheek and lip tint, an oil control film and a hair band!
  9. Of course, to stay connected I always bring our Tattoo Broadband and smartphones. I sometimes bring our tablet too when we’re going to someone’s house, to keep the kids in one place when they’ve become too maharot.
  10. And with the kind of climate that we have, it’s better to be prepared than regret later so I bring foldable umbrellas and sometimes rain coats when it’s really raining hard.
So what’s inside your bags mommies? daddies? Any gem you’d like to share? Let’s make parenting a bliss for everyone. Share with us your experiences, thoughts and bag checklist by using the hashtag #InsideMamasBag , #InsideDadasBag , #BlissfulMoms and #MamaPicks !

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