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I was checking out a new URL for my blog site a week ago (hoping it’ll hit a jackpot!) when I realized I’ve been writing online since 2009. Wow! I was confronted with cruel questions such as, “How far have I reached in terms of my blogging life? Is it worth all the time? Has anyone read any of my posts? Did I make sense at all? Will my writing online ever have a future?”

I back read some of my posts. Some were shallow and a feast for a copywriter or editor. Some were good. Some were forced or “pilit”. Some were trying hard. At times, I contemplate on shutting it down but I have learned to embrace all my posts as part of who I am now.  
It was a childhood dream of mine to be a writer. In fact, I was bagging awards for inter school competitions in my elementary days. I was always a choice for Journalism class and even became a Feature Editor. My English and Journalism teachers would always ask me to spend more time in school just to write essays and stories. I was good in English class too. I guess, they saw my potential.
However, when college arrived, I was made to choose Accounting. My mom is an undergraduate Accounting major. My elder sister is a CPA with good-paying job, so my mom thought it’s a smart choice for me. For many poor or average families, employability is a top if not the sole consideration of a college course. Dreams and career goals must take a back seat for a more secured, easier and earlier income.
Being a good daughter, I followed my mom’s wish and abandoned my dreams of becoming a writer with a relative degree earned in no less UP Diliman since I passed UPCAT. That’s why I vow to support my children’s calling and not to prioritize earning money but more on to follow their passion. Now, I realized that I really did not abandon my dreams, hence the birth of my blogs from iamchristine in Multiply to WordPress and now blissfulthoughts.com powered by blogger. (I was once a serial blog-starter! Or maybe until now. Ha) 
For the records, I do not regret having a career in Finance. I have learned to love it all through the years of my practice. I enjoyed my detour, met fantastic people and became money-wise. That’s why I started writing about Personal Finance. I know I should have written about it earlier. Basically because it’s what I know, my blog would’ve been a hit by now and I would have been a millionaire since I got to walk the talk that I do. 
My blog was not a mistake but I made huge mistakes in blogging and that includes blogging with money in mind. Also, I did not take it seriously, without an attention which a lifelong dream right so deserves. I did not bother improving my skills. Actually, I’ve neglected my “gift”.
Six years have gone and looking back, I know I can only move forward. I have checked out some writing workshops   (www.creativewritinginmakati.com) and as soon as my kids graduate from being toddlers, I’m gonna register myself. But something I can do now is to simply blog more often, as in make time for writing and most importantly blog from the heart! Yes, I commit to blog from my heart from now on! Would that be a good URL, blogfromtheheart.com? Anyway, maybe if I do these two especially the latter, readership and money will soon follow.
Any dream you have put aside for practical reasons? Let’s pursue them. I believe it’s never too late to reach for our dreams! Help me rebuild my destiny, will ya?!

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