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♥ How to help the Syrian refugees? ♥

I always try to be mindful of what I share in my FB account. Compared to this blog, I would say that my FB for 4 years now has been a very edited reflection of myself. I only usually share good, blissful and inspiring posts. Positive vibes lang, ika nga! I shun away negative thoughts and while I post my opinion on trending current events from time to time, I avoid ranting. Err, Oh yes I do rant, occasionally, burst-out my emotions, but still with carefully chosen and crafted words.

I have this fear that one may think I’m trying to project a certain image. Either that or, I fear that people (especially spies and outer space organisms too! haha) might figure me out.

However, recently I found myself posting and sharing about the Syrian Refugees. The news, the stories and the (graphic) images, especially of children (suffering) drilled a hole in my heart. The sight is just too heart-breaking. The children crying, starving and drowning! (I know that the good Lord is embracing them by now.) Who can stand those scenes?! I can’t, no, really, not me.

I remember the movie “Graves of The Fireflies“, to which I have shed tons of tears and until now, the thought of it gives me goose-bumps and some weird feeling. Have you watched it? Please do, at least once in your life.

The buzz Syria’s refugees created in the media (social media included) paved the way for all sorts of positive responses heeding their calls from around the world, from different nationals, to various NGOs and from all walks of life, the rich and the commoners (like me). And if you too, find it in your heart to help our brothers and sisters who are unfortunately displaced by ongoing violent conflicts, please continue to read below.

I’m a child sponsor for World Vision Philippines but from time to time I also donate for their special causes. You may click here to donate through World Vision. For reference, here is a fast facts about Syria’s situation:

Lifted from World Vision

Another mean to which I make donation occasionally is through World Food Programme.

Here is what I lifted from World Food Programme’s website.
I intentionally chose this image of a smiling Syrian boy to inspire us.
Besides, I my heart cannot stand the “other” images.

The last channel for help on my list is through UNICEF.

Lifted from UNICEF website.

I’m sure there are more than 100 ways for anyone to help the displaced people of Syria. Let’s extend our hand where we can. Tonight, my kids and I will offer a prayer for these people, for this nation, especially for the women and children, the mothers. No child deserves to live and die that way. No mother/parent should see her child/children die. No human being deserves to starve to death due to armed conflicts. Yes, prayers, they need all the prayers they can get. God bless all refugees all over the world.

P.S. At many point in time, myself is filled with conceit, discontent and ingratitude. But with things like this, it opens my eyes to all the blessings my family and I receive every single day of our lives which I often neglect because it just seems to be there always. But no, in a blink of an eye, everything can change. So today, I pay gratitude to the Lord and sincerely pray that He keeps and always restores peace on earth, in the Philippines. Yes, I’m thankful to be in this country, in this city.

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