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♥ Online Shopping Spree: My Favorite ♥

I’ve been shopping online since 2010 or 2011 and when I got pregnant, and eventually became a mother, I got more addicted to it. And why not?! Shopping online is, tantaradan….

1. Convenient. No cashier lines. No taxi/transport/traffic problems. No crowd. No tired feet. You can do it in the luxury of your home and at the comfort of your pajamas. Haha
2. Economical. No gas or fare. No need to eat out. Items can be cheaper, actually, it is cheaper.
3. Items can be unique or limited.
4. Time-saver.

So, yes, even if I’m seriously struggling now for my online shopping, I don’t think I’ll be able to get rid of it of my system anytime soon. Once, I viewed one of my account’s purchase history and, Que Horror! I never did that again and I promised to never ever do that again unless I want to have a heart attack seeing thousands of thousands of pesos. I’m actually a VIP customer already of 2 online shops. haha So where do I shop online, you may ask. What online shops do I trust the most? Here it goes…

1. Zalora

from Zalora

I love shopping at Zalora because of their “Sale” and “Promos”. Also, they quite have unique brands which are not out or easily seen in malls. However, I do miss their babies’ section. Their exchange and return policy is excellent as well. I go to Zalora for my fix of clothes (especially dresses) and shoes.

2. Lazada

from Lazada

Lazada is my go-to site for my kids’ toys and diapers. I buy them in bulk or boxes. It’s more convenient than buying in the mall, in which case I have to carry them while malling. Most of my rechargeable fans are from Lazada too. No issues so far.

3. Deal Grocer and AGODA

These two are my top choices for deals offering hotel stay-cations and even getaways!

4. CashCashPinoy

from Cashcashpinoy

This is my favorite online shop for knick-knacks, gift ideas, food vouchers and much more. I brought here my Plueys and oh, I love also their kids’ section. This is where I bought my kids’ slide playset. I also bought from here my baking stuff, some make-ups, and bags.

5. eBay Philippines

This is where I started my online shopping habit. I buy here branded shoes, clothes, bags and what have you. Now, I buy from here some limited edition, hard-to-find items such as collector’s items, books, and stationery.

Next to my top 5 are Metrodeal where I get mostly food deals and photo books, and Ensogo for other great finds.

from Metrodeal


from Ensogo

Recently, I’ve been contacted by SuperAgents to try their service (basically, they function as a middleman between buyers and sellers), earn through cashback programs and referrals and write up the whole experience. One of these days, I’ll register and try their offers and I’ll surely share the experience here. So, watch out for that!

What about you? Do you do online shopping? How’s the experience? Any great online shop you’d like to recommend.

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