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♥ Luxe Finds ♥

I am glad and proud to be part of the 3-day run of Luxe Philippines, an upscale retail store which was exclusively designed for the recently concluded APEC Women and the Economy Forum*, that focuses on women’s successes and contributions.

*The APEC Women and the Economy Forum is a premier event in the Philippines’hosting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). It brought together senior private and public sector players from 21-member economies for a dialogue on fostering women’s economic empowerment. The dialogue will support a set of policy recommendations that will be delivered to the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting scheduled in November this 2015. (as per project brief)

The Luxe Philippnes, a special activity created for APEC was located inside the PICC and ran from September 16 to 18. On its third day, it kinda became semi-public. And I did not want to miss this chance to shop from the Philippine’s finest export brands. Sharing to you my Luxe Finds:
Small-bottled wines from Destileria Limtuaco. There are many variants such as Calamansi, Dalandan, Dragon Fruit, Basi, Lambanog and Coffee. My favorite is their Dragon Fruit and Mango. Perfect gifts this coming Christmas! Php 80.00 – 180.00
An Ann Ong Deslumbrante stud sapphire-inspired earrings. Her necklaces, cuffs and chandelier earrings are truly awesome! Php 980.00
From the Neotextiles Showcase, I grabbed this clutch made from T’nalak. I have a soft spot for anything indigenous and that includes handcrafted and handwoven products specially those made from T’nalak fibers by Tiboli folks of Lake Sebu, Zamboanga. Ilocos mats and blankets are a must-buy too! Php 550.00
To complete my T’nalak craze is this tote bag. Now, my cardholder for years has finally got a matching bag. However, I noticed that my cardholder is smoother than my bag. It’s finer and better woven. Oh well, I’m still happy. Php 1250.00
Went perfect with my Saturdates with the kids!
More photos of Luxe Philippines grabbed from a colleague’s FB, thanks R.Cuenco!



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