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Just this year, I had a terrible yeast infection on my intimate area which, as per my OB, was the side-effect or complication from my Antibiotics intake. (I took the antibiotics for my cough a week prior to the manifestation of yeast infection symptoms.) No, it’s not an allergic reaction but the antibiotics significantly reduced or probably destroyed all susceptible bacteria in my body including the “good” ones which maintain the balance of our intimate areas, making it a feast for yeast since there are no more good bacteria to counter or fight with them. I don’t want that to happen again, ever! The creams are expensive and the single dose tablet is even more expensive at Php600.00! The itch and the discomfort were unbearable. And the saddest part was, the prescribed medicine was contraindicated for lactation. I was not able to breastfeed my daughter for 3 days! She cried a lot.

After that horrible experience (yes, that was my first time to have an INTENSE yeast infection! And hopefully, it’ll be the last too!), it made me think long and hard how to take extra care of my delicate area. 

The two clear lessons I’ve learned from that episode is one, do not self-diagnose and do not self-medicate especially if it involves areas as delicate as the one down there. Go see your OB as soon as possible for proper diagnosis, medication, advice and most importantly peace of mind! Do not be shy about it, come on! They are professionals. It’s the generation Y, women empowerment, right!? There are a lot of good OB out there, I could give you my OB’s contact number if you like, just e-mail me. The second one is that I should take good care of my underwear. It means washing them according to instructions and with gentle detergents only. Iron them out or steam them up to kill germ residue (yes even after washing some germs survive!). And last but not the least, retire them! Yes, it’s so easy to shop for shoes, bags, and clothes but we often neglect our undergarments (because no one sees / or should see it, right?). It’s my rule now to shop for at least one new underwear every time I buy clothes. And I think I should start buying not just one style or color (black). I read somewhere that the lighter the color the more our skin can breathe. And those cotton underwear which we sometimes tag as lola panties are sometimes the best way for our skin to relax and breath.
Intimate care has revolutionized over the years. Before it was purely for hygiene purposes but now, it’s not just about being clean, it has become about confidence and sexiness too! So how can we do it, stay clean, feel sexy and be confident through intimate care?

1. Good Diet. Not only the weight-reducing one (but it’ll be a great side-effect, right? hehe) Poor diet leads to various kinds of diseases, internal and external. Poor diet crashes our body’s natural balance. Just like what happened to me, when my balance was disturbed, it affected my intimate area. It gave way for yeast to multiply in numbers beyond the healthy limit. I’m planning to detoxify at least twice a week through either juicing or eating only healthy foods. I’m saying a complete no to sugar, salt, fats, carbs and anything junk for at least twice a week. Actually, I’m slowly converting my diet into Paleo. I’m hoping to clean my system from the inside first.
2. Groom it. I’m not sure how to call it, or how you guys call it but for me, proper grooming of the intimate area is part of hygiene and good hygiene is simply clean and “Clean is the New Sexy“. Whether you go to professional strip labs or you do it in the privacy of your home, what’s important is that you go the extra mile in keeping it clean by making sure that bad bacteria and bad yeast do not get a good breeding ground. Make sure though that when you do the waxing, shaving or trimming at home, you use clean or as much as possible sterilized tools. You can also buy an EpiLady for your personal use.

3. Let it breathe and relax. Keep it fresh. Yes, we all should take a break from tight-fitting jeans and silk, dark-colored and sexy lingerie. Every weekend we can play it low and cool by wearing those loose lola panties made of cotton and of light colors. That way, our intimate area will be able to breathe some fresh air. Some sites even claim that it’s healthy to sleep naked, as in with no underwear just to let it breathe. But if sleeping naked is not your thing, then you have an alternative choice with cotton undies. We all have dress down days and no-make-up days, right? We should apply the same rule with our intimate area.

4. Keep it Sexy Clean because “Clean is the New Sexy”. Who doesn’t want to be sexy, right? But sexy clean? Wow! Me. Me. Me! Anyways, you may think this is basic, too easy as ABC. Maybe, but maybe not. Wash-up at least twice a day. Check. Use unscented baby wipes if you must wipe it. Check. Wash from front to back. Check. Take proper care of your diet. Check. Change undies. Eat healthily. Groom it. Let it breathe. Check. Check. Check! Those are the “regular care” of our intimate area but we ladies must not forget that we have special days every month and in those periods we need “special care”. I’m thankful there is Betadine® Feminine Wash that can help us take care of our intimate area most especially on red days! I first used Betadine® Feminine Wash right after I gave birth to Jonath, my firstborn. It was prescribed then by my OB since I’m bleeding and I still have a fresh wound/stitch right down there. To keep any secondary bacterial infection at bay, she advised me to use it for my wash. Then I learned that you can actually use Betadine® Feminine Wash as a sort of preventive measure and protection from infection even if you do not have a wound down there and that it is perfect during red days when we are flushing toxins out of our body.

Image lifted from http://ph.betadine.com/en/ph/feminine-care

Use Betadine® Feminine Wash twice a week as a precaution, to make sure we don’t breed any bad organisms down there. It’s antiseptic so it’s perfect right after grooming. To feel completely sexy clean, Betadine® Feminine Wash helps prevent bad odor too.

On red days (menstruation period), use  Betadine® Feminine Wash every day because I was told by my OB that during menstruation, we ladies are more prone to infection. Thanks to Betadine® Feminine Wash, we now have a protection within our reach! So remember ladies, to keep it sexy clean (and not suffer from what I have suffered, that’s definitely not sexy!), wash your intimate area with Betadine® Feminine Wash at least twice a week (or every day during red days). Let’s always keep it clean, red days or not because “Clean is the New Sexy“. And who doesn’t want to be sexy?! Right? 🙂





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